engine hesitant to start and backfiring through carb

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    Well, my first real issue.....

    Today, when i went to start my bike, i followed my standard procedure. turn the gas on, hold the prime button for about 3 seconds, then tap it about 3 times. choke to 1/2-2/3. pull....pull...pull...pull *POW!*...and smoke around the carb.

    It did this about 4 times before i got it started...and when it ran it was sputtering and hit/miss. If i let it run for a few seconds with some throttle, it seems to clear up a little bit and will run fine.

    Do you think i have some trash in the filter? maybe in the carb?

    what would cause it to backfire like that?

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    Hmmm, check the spark plug. Almost sounds like a timing issue. Unlikely but maybe the magneto magnet nut is loose or slipped on the shaft? Check the plug first though.

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    plug was wet...as if it wasnt sparking.

    i found something interesting though. The 4 tooth pull start catch that bolts to the magnito was slightly bent and rubbing on the bolt for the magnito. Metal shavings were in the compartment.

    I am going to buy a new pull start assy. to see if it helps.

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    found the problem :)