Engine Level How Important ???

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Mountainman, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Mountainman

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    Installed my Subaru 35cc friction drive on my mountain bike.. It is not as level as I wish it could be.. Leaning towards the back end a little -- thus going up hills -- it will be even more un-level... I am thinking that this should be no big deal since my weed wacker used here in my yard get's put into many different positions while in use --- I guess the question might be - are these small engines using an oil pump or a splash system ? Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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  2. Norm

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    Is it a four stroke? Your weedwhacker is a two stroke so you mix the oil with the gas. At any rate it's not problematic up to a point. Where that point is I don't know but you'll know it when you're there cuz a ton of smoke will come out the exhaust. But maybe I'm wrong.
  3. Mountainman

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    Hi Norm -- it's a four stroke.. Weed Wackers are also made in 4-stroke these days. Well I had one long ride today -- up some pretty big hills -- seems not to be having oiling problems -- ran good -- no smoke -- no knocking -- my top speed appears to be 23 mph -- just broken in... Happy riding from - Mountainman
  4. duivendyk

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    Robin Subaru engines use a oil mist lubrication system.Look around at www.robinamerica.com .where you can learn more.
  5. Mountainman

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    I went to the site --Thank you duivendyk ------The Subaru micro engines are designed to run in a wide range of positions. The patented oil lubrication system is elegant in its engineering simplicity. The natural pressure changes in the crankcase caused by the piston movemovement in the cylinder are harnessed to pump the oil throughout the engine. Thanks again and Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  6. Zev0

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    Trust me Mountainman. If you turn it so the oil plug is on the bottom you will have instant seizure. Been there, done that.
    Here's the thread about when I had my problems. Makes for good reading.
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  7. Mountainman

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    Zev0 -- I hear what you are saying -- thank you from - Mountainman
  8. Mountainman

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    Interesting thread ZevO -- there was my answer -- Mountainman don't ride that bike up the wall like that !!! Thank you from - Mountainman
  9. Mountainman

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    slight tilt -- but -- not upside down

    yes -- wide range -- but -- not upside down

    things been running good for a long time -- with slight tilt

    ride that thing
  10. Happy Valley

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    One simple change I've done for that is maneuver the U bracket so it is on the inside of the seat stays....it pulls everything forward and levels it out a tad.
  11. duivendyk

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    Don't get carried away though by all this sophistication and imagine that anything goes,I remember reading a thread in which someone had mounted a brandnew Subaru engine permanently at an angle and ran into lubrication problems.I don't recall the exact circumstances, but it was toast, a real bummer.
  12. impression

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    my engine leans to the left a little, i feel it gets pulled there by the drive chain :/
  13. Mountainman

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    which engine you running there impression ???
  14. impression

    impression Member

    starfire GT4 66cc 2.85hp

    66cc happy time :)
  15. Mountainman

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    happy time on Happy Time

    that thing will take a lot of tilt -- no oil in crank case

    have a happy time on your Happy Time

    as we all ride those motor bike things
  16. impression

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    on my last engine when changing the barrel/cylinder i got some oil in therte by mistake when oiling the piston and the rings to help it slide into position. Afterwards it ran like a beast ^_^

    might try that again see how we go :)
  17. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    maybe just a good one -- ran like a beast

    yes always a good idea to put (( a little )) (( oil )) on any piston rings
    we happen to get close to
    such as after a rebuild
    or we just happenen to be in there scraping off carbon or someTHING ??

    dry brand new rings, jug ect can use some lube to hold them over
    until THINGS get spinning good in that 2-stroke gas
    or with the 4-stroke -- oil either pumped up from the crank case
    or thrown up so as to lube engine with the little spoon dipper

    ride that THING
  18. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I always put a little fuel thru the plug hole when first building an engine
  19. impression

    impression Member

    i replaced the piston/cylinder barrel as i stuffed the exhaust mount :( So i put some lubricant ( 2 stroke) over the piston and the rings and within the cylinder ( new one) so it'll fit nice and smooth and i got some in the case underneath the piston when i was holding it up. :jester: