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    Hey everyone!

    I am about to start my first project bike (exciting!) I'm going to be putting a 66cc kit on a Micargi General, with the hope of eventually trying to dress it up like and old "42 indian military bike. So here's the question of the hour: Where the F*** should I buy my motor from? I've seen quite a few people say they like rose326a on ebay, and some other folks swear by the grubbee kits. I suppose my follow up question, and the one that prompted me to start an account: Has anyone bought anything from bicycle motor works? Opinions? I'd specifically like an opinion on https://www.bicyclemotorworks.com/store/products-page/performance-bike-engine-kit/#.U8FTpvlr5Jk . I'd appreciate any and all opinions, though I am firm on going with gas. Thanks in advance!

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    i hate the 66. pos pos pos.

    skyhawks are nicely made but the parts seem non-interchangeable. at least in my experience with the 48cc.

    every thing else is based merely on how much you wanna spend for the same thing...

    as for your link. buy one. tear it down. document it. compare it to a normal one. turn around and sue the guy for false advertising. cus he must be working for nothing if he can sell them with these internal mods without raising the price tremendously... i wont do it for less than 50 an hour and there you go, already costing you an extra 200 or so... porting takes time.
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    its really interesting that this pic


    appears to show the exhaust port on the cylinder, with the nicely "port matched"...um...intake manifold in his hand?? well, ok, its matched when its on the desk, but um...it bolts to the other side of the cylinder... not to the exhaust port. studs arent even the same distance apart.

    show us REAL porting, where the transfer ports are changed, and to exactly what angles and degrees open time... etc etc etc.

    go figure. some businesses run on the principle that a fool is born every second. they are :)
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    compare the "tuned" exhaust in this pic


    to a REAL tuned exhaust in this pic...


    see any difference? i cant! :jester:

    or maybe....note the 9 holes in the sprocket when most 24" wheels (he says it will fit 24" bikes!) use 32 spokes, which require 8 hole sprockets...

    stock CDI unit it would appear.

    im yet to find a cylinder with paint INSIDE.

    in fact, i avoid any engine (other than a skyhawk) that has been painted at all...

    now, i really do deserve a commission i reckon :)
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    and finally,

    why remove the paint from the top of the cylinder, then fail to remove it from the bottom of the head, not too mention why hasnt the sealing face of the head been machined/lapped down flat anyway?

    as illustrated here...



    change that. the sealing section on the head HAS been machined down a bit. i wasnt looking close enough... my bad :)

    ignore everything i said :)
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  7. Fabian

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    Make sure you get the 66cc engine from the start, because if you get the 48cc engine, it won't be long before you realise your mistake, and then have to buy the 66cc engine.
  8. HeadSmess

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    shove the 66 in the bin because my 48 will whup it, whup it, and whup it some more :)
  9. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member


    Let me search for the face-palm emoticon, because this reply warrants it...

    Nope, i can't find the face-palm emoticon so this will have to do with respect to the above quote :icon_bs:
  10. HeadSmess

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    well, i got home from work, opened my email, turned round, grabbed the cam, walked out the door, and made this...

    then murphy struck :wacko: better now than tomorrow morning i guess...

    :pinch: usual story, isnt it? :smilielol5:

    posted it anyway :jester:

    lets just say that particular engine is stock standard, unopened, is a 48cc zbox (australian supplier) and has outlasted, so far, two frames, shortly to become three, with nothing more than a crank seal needing replacing ;)

    and now a screw on the clutch cover cus thats the answer to the slippage :wacko:

    said it before, say it again. i had one 66. i have had several 48s. i choose the 48 for a reason...

    (and all my dead 48s are due to unavoidable issues such as piston ring locating pins destroying newly ported cylinders...why THIS engine remains UNOPENED!!!)

    all in the exhaust mate, its all in the exhaust :)

    if i wanted to drag dead horses up steep hills so i can flog them, id run a 48T or 55T on the rear, and go back to an MTB frame. currently, i need to get from A to B relatively quickly...

    this did prove i needed a new rear tyre, preferably a heavy one rather than what came fitted when i got the frame from, well, basically, the side of the road... :jester:

    though i really do love the :icon_bs: smiley :) i really do!

    i blame the broken bracket on poor mounting design, a known risk i chose to take!
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    You video is another example of what i have described before about the concept of reliability.

    Your bike didn't even travel 2 miles and the bike started falling to pieces, which is not dissimilar to rides i have been on with other people claiming their bike to be reliable.
    At that rate you wouldn't have even half a snowflake's chance in hell of surviving "any" of my cycling tours, let alone climbing hills that need to be ascended.

    Pass - next video please.
  12. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    your answer was highly predictable :)

    did the engine itself fall apart? explode? die? fail? stuff its conrod bearing? overheat?

    no. i had to stop due to an unfortunate, but highly amusing incident :jester:

    if i really had wanted to prove the point...i wouldnt have posted that video :rolleyes:

    it was, i admit...an excellent demonstration of murphys law :)


    some of us will spend a fortune on our 66cc engines.

    some of us will just strap in a 48 and ride it, ride it...and ride it some more...

    to the OP....make your own decision ;)
  13. darwin

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    Alright you 2 there's only 1 way to settle this. Meet at the track 7 sharp tomorrow and may the best bike win. Loser eats crow and no excuses!
  14. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    lol :)

    the problem is, its like chalk and cheese...

    i go fast, and cover a lot of KM from necessity.

    fabian goes slow...and covers a lot of KM. for recreation.

    miles, whatever. we both cover a lot of ground!

    for the OP, as he is new, and hasnt read every single post... (our argument has gone on for some time now)

    i had one 66, it lasted all of five minutes. not once, in the two weeks i bothered with it, did it get me to work.

    now, the 48's...ive tampered with quite a few, ive modded quite a few...ive killed almost all of them too :) (ooooh, it rhymes!)

    but all deaths are due to operator abuse or unforeseen incidents... the biggest one being a five hour port job destroyed by one tiny piece of steel coming loose...aka, the ring locating pin. mind you, it was running when i pulled it apart and discovered this. because i was about to port it some more!

    these types of failures are depressing, heartbreaking, unavoidable...and make one realise that if a 48, untouched, can be reliable enough not to have ever carried tools (due to video and realizing why i see so many 700c-tyre-riding-M.A.M.I.L.'s doing roadside tyre repairs that may soon change if i stick with this current frame:jester:) while every 66 owner is constantly trying to "patch up" major design faults with the ENGINE ITSELF by throwing money at them... that maybe the 48 is a superior design, if a bit smaller.

    no. i remain biased.

    but the decision is not mine to make. tis the OP's.

    let HIM make the final choice, based on any advice, evidence, or...whatever :)

    hey, my horoscope today said i like to argue. tis true :) agreeing with everything gets rather boring :jester:

    gotta admit...the thing was hooting along until that freaking hole in the road ;)
  15. quaternium

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    Pre-built from Bicycle Motor Works

    I bought a "Knight Rider" pre-built from bicyclemotorworks.com. It's a Huffy Nel Lusso (I know now!) with a 66cc. I threw down an extra hundred to have the ports matched. I'm not the most informed buyer nor am I very mechanically-minded, thus the pre-built for my first bike. The bike wasn't listed as a Huffy, and knowing what I know now I wouldn't advise it as very good for a build, but I'm pleased by the reliability of the engine/parts & speeds. I get it up to about 30-32 mph. I quit collecting data on how many miles I've run it, but I'd guess over 300 so far. I was also pleased that it came with what I think is a Manic Mechanic sprocket instead of a rag-joint setup.
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    If you are going to submit videos, do us all a big favor and at least hide your "bicycle" helmet. Operating a vehicle at 20+ mph with a foam toy that wouldn't protect you from a 10 mph fall does nothing but make everyone look bad. I don't care if is legal it's just not safe and if you wish to do it don't make a video and brag about it. Buy a real helmet with some of that money you are saving on motors
  17. crassius

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    many states do not require a helmet on motorcycles that go way faster than these - many folks from those states feel like just going & slapping the sissy out of folks in the helmet states

    time to 'man up'
  18. UP Rider

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    Thank you

    NOW I know what I look like out there and am off to the motorcycle shop for a REAL helmet
  19. dougsr.874

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    I've been building these bikes since 2008 and have at times ordered different 2 stroke kits......What I've learned is that all of these kits are basically the same...Don't believe the advertising & hype , it's more or less bull ....buy the cheapest kit you can find then take all of the studs out including the head bolts and put blue locktite on all studs before even attempting to install any kit....I ordered 5 Skyhawk kits from King's once and the kits came with a bicycle chain for an engine drive chain....which breaks immediately
  20. Timbone

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    In reference to the video: I learned first hand that skinny rims/tires are just asking for flats. These bikes are heavy and cruising at 30 mph. You will get flats!

    Big balloon tires (1.95 inches or larger) with puncture resistant tubes: that's the way to go!