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    Thanks Ron,

    It amazes me what people can do with patience, commitment, and I am sure, a lot of practice.

    AKA: BigBlue
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    That really reminds me of the coronation that I have at 340lbs on my MB!

    Nooooooooo, appreciate you taking time to share.......
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    I've been riding unicycles for about 30 years or so and let me tell you, riding a 6 foot giraffe unicycle is no easy task.
    I tried a 6 footer once and it was pretty scary to say the least.
    There is a trick to riding a unicycle tho and it took me about a week to figure it out way back when i decided to try it. This was back before the internet, and before youtube, so it was all trial and error back then.
    Currently i have a 24" cycle-pro unicycle, and I sold my 6 foot giraffe last summer.