Exhaust Stud Bummer

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Timbone, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Timbone

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    Geez, I am so screwed. Today my muffler fell off at speed, breaking the ear off the muffler. That's not the big deal. The real problem is that my right exhaust stud (which I replaced with a 6mm bolt not long ago, with a healthy serving of blue Loctite) broke off about 1/2 inch down into the thread. Topping that off, the 1/2 of available thread is now stripped.

    I fabbed a temporary bracket for the broken ear side of the muffler mount and I inserted a new bolt coated with JB Weld into the the stripped thread. Maybe the JB Weld, the muffler clamp (that I never used) and the clamp I fabbed, maybe I can continue riding. I need to order a muffler ASAP, but I amnot optimistic about that.



  2. crassius

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    I'd work VERY carefully at getting the broken stud out, then heli-coiling the hole - I never ride without the muffler hanger on tight because this is what happens
  3. Timbone

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    You are correct, of course. Tested my JB Weld fix. The heat of the cylinder killed it at one mile. I wish I had some real metalworking tools,and that includes a welder. I gotta fix this; no way I can ride this thing around with it being so loud. Oh, and it would be very unwise for me to drop $130 for a new motor when this one runs so well!

    Thanks for your advice!