expansion chamber

Thanks a lot! That has cleared up a lot of things, I'm going to go ahead and buy one now then. Much more tunable and probably doesnt flood too easy either.
Simon - that's the one I have. I've yet to install it. Maybe next weekend.
just bought some header tape $25 at sprints for 10 feet then came home and seen your note nice carby what is the intake diameter i have seen some on ebay that have been bored out to 15mm
Okay, pretty much all watercooled pocketbikes run a chinese clone of the Dell'orto SHA carb.

Mines a genuine one but the chinese clones are identical.

They are a direct swap part for the horrible stock carb that comes with the happy time.

But you have all the usual adjustments found on a normal carby. And to adjust the mix you just take the 2 screws out of the bottom of the carb and there are screw in jets, standard Dell'orto jets are used and they fit in the chinese clones too.

As the shots show, its childs play to put a proper carby on these engines.

Here's a clone on eBay

Would the cable be a big deal to fit?
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Mate, just do the whole thing, I picked up a couple of expansion chambers today. Last time I bought a roll of exhaust wrap there was enough for 2 sets of pipes with some spare.

I will go ya halves if ya want.

I also swapped the basic as bricks carby today for a pocketbike one. Straight swap fitment and it will run sweet. Swapable jets, proper adjustments, etc.

Where did you get the chambers Simon? Cheap?
hey phil check out ebay for a expasion pipe for a 48 you can pick them up cheap around 20 bucks
Would the cable be a big deal to fit?

Not at all, just replace the carby, the cable and its fittings are all the same.

I unhooked my HT carb and fitted the new one with everything else still fitted to the bike.

That is truely how easy the changeover is.

Where did you get the chambers Simon? Cheap?

The pocketbike track on research road, pooraka. $30 each. I got one standard one, and a blata race one. I couldnt bring myself to modify the polini race exhaust I had already.

The guy down at the track told me that polini race exhausts cost him $450 each at wholesale prices.
Ah yeah, I know where that is, close to me but never thought of it, was looking on ebay but the 's' shaped one didn't interest me and almost pay the price of the pipe in freight, cheers guys.