Expansion chamber too loud!!


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10:03 PM
Sep 11, 2023
Houston, TX
Finally got a wraparound expansion chamber on my bike and I am very much enjoying the power gains. The only downside is they’re loud and annoying. Is there any good mufflers out there that you can put on the end of the expansion chamber to quiet them down?
I’m not sure how to do that so lol
This is a exhaust silencer. You can cut your exhaust pipe off of your stock muffler to make a silencer.
I have one of those for my next bike. I've read that it needs more back pressure. I think you, DieselTech said about 5/8 is about right?

I did a mod on a stock one as my glass pack one lost it's quieting effect, but I need more pictures to show what I did. The short version is, cut it open, remove the stock outlet pipe, add 1/2 inch copper in it's place{all I could find). Slot out the baffle plates to fit the new pipe and cut the baffle plates exhaust holes wider. Braze the new pipe in place.
I know this is a lame explanation but it will have to due for now.