EZM clutch adjustment?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by cdavid67, Jun 8, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    Well, my 4G is sitting in pieces on my workbench now due to a wasted one way bearing and my bike has a fresh EZM trans installed. Chains are all adjusted. Pulleys and belt are in perfect alignment. The clutch bell very slightly rubs the EZM plate and makes a dinging noise. Is this normal until things loosen up?
    I would also like to adjust the clutch because it takes quite a bit of throttle before it hooks up. The very short time I had the 4G it seemed to hook up way earlier. How do you access these clutches? Do I have to totally remove the trans? Why are there no instructions for this?

    I have a HS 49cc with a HD freewheel axle kit and a 56 tooth rear sprocket. I am 165 lbs.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I don't believe there are any outside adjustments you can do to the clutch short of taking the clutch apart and changing the springs.
    I have an EZM and it does rev up before it hooks up, this helps to keep the engine up in it's powerband it is only 49cc. As it gets broke in it will inguage sooner.
    As far as the dinging goes you can try moving the clutch and or the pulley on the shaft slightley. I was able to cure mine by this method.Be sure to locktight all set screws.
    I did not care for the freewheel so i welded it solid this helped on braking and maintaining controll on hi speed turns.I also went up to a 62 tooth sprocket to get a better take off and top speed!
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    Hi cdavid67,

    The MaxTorque used in the Q-Matic is designed to connect slightly above idle. The HS and Honda motors normally idle between 2000 and 2200 RPMs. The MaxTorque clutch starts "ticking" at approx 2800 RPMs, and sould go into full lock slightly above 3600 RPMs.

    The clutch needs to go through a break-in process, and normally completes within the first 100 miles. If the clutch is "hot-rodded" it will take longer.

    The clutch can be easily serviced or modified by removing the 4 screws that affix the front bearing carrier [closest to the primary drive belt] from the drive plate. Once the screws holding the bearing carrier to the drive plate are loosened, the entire assembly can be lifted from the rear bearing [nearest the drive chain].

    Be sure to use blue LocTite on the screws during re-assembly.

    The MaxTorque clutch is mfg to work with the special rotation speeds required in the Q-Matic drive, however we have a small inventory of various weights, springs, hubs, etc if needed.

    If you need any additional assistance, you are welcome to contact me directly via PM, email or phone.

    Have fun,