Finally done....well almost. Pics of my first.

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    Well I can say it's been a lot of fun putting this together. I have to re-thank everyone here who posted tricks and tips for newbies cause it saved me a lot of headaches for sure. Nothing on this build was bolt on due to the bike I purchased other than the rag joint for the sprocket. Everything else from the motor to the CDI had to have custom brackets built or be modified in some way or another. If you look in my photo album it shows some of the mods I had to do to make it fit. Unfortunately it still doesnt run ...yet. Sounds like good solid compression and the chain rides as it should. All controls are smooth. Problem is NO SPARK!! After some troubleshooting with a multi meter it appears the stator is no good. Full continuity across all three posts and I'll be contacting today for a resolution. Think I'll buy a stator and CDI just to keep in stock anyhow.I'll post on how they respond and give an update when she's runnin. Thanks again to everyone that helped. Lunar

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    Ok....update. When yer a noob you have to admit your a noob!! An important tip in soldering your wire connections then wrapping them securely is to always wrap the connections individually before heatshrink. Failure to complete this step results in crossed connections i.e. a permanent kill switch scenario. The guys at expedited out a replacement stator the day I called without hesitation I might add. I'll be calling Josh back immediately to pay him for the part as it was my foul up.The motor runs well so far. Have around 5 miles in short shakedown jaunts stopping to check bolts,chain,fuel leaks etcetera.Slight leak at the bowl drain screw on the carb and a couple minor adjustments but she functions quite well so far!! Ive added lights (battery operated) a luggage rack on the back and will be purchasing saddle bags for the rack as soon as I get out this weekend and will post a couple pics of the final project then.As far as my experience with thus far I'd have to say they shipped quite fast (from mich. to pa.) 3 days, it must have went out the day I called. When I thought the stator was bad Josh was very nice and after I explained I had tested the part he stated he would ship a replacement the same day without hesitation. The kit was about what I expected after reading the forum here for a couple weeks as far as overall general chineese engine quality (Stinger motor). Packaging could have been a little better but it wasnt bad. Everything was there as advertised. I would not hesitate to do business with them again.
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    Clean build. What did you use to make your muffler support?
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    Nice build. Tighten your chain up a bit more. If I can see it sagging from this little picture, it's definitely way too loose.
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    Wheel it is a standard 2" muffler hanger from Autozone. I trimmed the bracket down with a dremmel and mounted it to the underside of the kickstand. Just happen to be in the right line and bolted up just right. Cavi you are right about the chain. After the first ride due to the angle I had to mount the engine at I had to tighten it more to keep it from rubbing on the case. If it's tight it clears but just barely. It'll be something to keep an eye on until i can fab a better tensioner/idler for the chain.
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    Ok, the weather has been a bit foul here in Pa. for the last 3 or 4 days and kind of limiting my riding time. It's still pretty chilly today but I have cold weather gear for the motorcycle and am going to give this thing a good test run. I moved the tank further forward, somehow forgot to add the fuel filter in my haste...duh. Tightened the chain tensioner and assembled a toolkit with an old toolbag from the harley. Bicycle multi tool, inner tube,needle nose vice grips,tire pump,crescent wrench and a 1/4 drive ratchet with the usual sockets for engine and mounts,spare plug. Fill the tank,coat of silicone on the chain and idler and crossed fingers. Will only be 6 or 8 miles round trip but a long walk home if something major fails. Ill comment later on the success or failure of the Stinger when I get home.
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    Ok....put about 15 miles down yesterday without incident for the most part. Started making a little rattle on the top end and thought I saw a few puffs of smoke from the exhaust flange when I got home. Tightened the exhaust and just for break in sake but just a dash of 20w50 on top of the piston to set overnight and coat the rings just to be sure they were properly lubed for the break in period.
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    Advice to the noob's and I'm allowed because I am one. A couple important pointers I just learned. Check your chain every 5 er so miles for at least the first 30 you ride. I'm not sure if they are all of the same quality but mine stretched considerably in the first 20 to 25 miles to the point of bunching up around the drive sprocket and almost causing some serious damage. I had been keeping an eye on it but apparently not close enough.Cavi warned me to tighten it (thanks by the way) and I thought I had it tight enough , was trying to find a happy spot between so tight it chews up the idler pully and not jumping off the drive sprocket. Take it from me, from here on out it will be just a whisper away from banjo string tight !! Secondly there is a fine line between torqued so tight you tear threads out of aluminum and not tight enough. There is also the severe vibration from a tiny 2 stroke that can blur that line even if you think you know. I've turned wrenches on my own cars trucks and motorcycles for 35 years but this critter is a different animal all together. In following the advice from the guys here I replaced all my bolts with good grade 8's and thoroughly cleaned every thread with a good primer before using blue loctite on the minor spots and red in the more critical areas. DO NOT TRUST THIS 100%. During the first few break in cruises upon returning home no matter how tight they were or the loctite you used check all bolts for tightness. Again I may be new to MB's but I have never seen things come loose like they have on this motor. I assume letting it heat up good and cool down several times and retightening the fasteners they will eventually all seat properly but check your stuff frequently for the first couple of weeks. On a lighter note she is still running well and actually gaining a little power. Im adjusting/learning the mixture screw on the carb and where it should be and am looking forward to my next trip. Will be adding a couple things to the tool bag
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    Ok just a short update. The stinger runs a little better every day. As it breaks in I'm getting more speed and power. Problem is living in the mountains the hills are tough to climb and maintaining a 20 to 25 mph speed the engine is just revving to hard.So the newest addition to the toy is on its way. A deluxe shift kit from should be what the doctor ordered. Will update with its installation and preformance once installed.
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    Nice work! I like your header wrap on the exhaust. How is it running now? Still better?
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    Yes as a matter of fact it is. I'm getting more low end power and can say so far very pleased with the engine. I just recieved my shift kit from Sickbikeparts a day or two ago and have the brackets painted. Should have it installed in the next few days. I'll post updated pics as this should be the last mod I put on the bike.
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    Very straight forward, no problems, works like a dream!, I am very happy with mine.
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    Still runs very well. I just completed installing the shift kit. The bike I have has proven to be a challenge mounting an engine and this kit was no exception. First let me say I think the kit is very well designed and the parts are all of good quality it is the bike thats the issue. That being said after a number of mods including adjusting the intake for clearance, rearranging the way the sprockets mount and some grinding work on the mounting blocks themselves it fits on the bike very solid. I took it for a short test ride and it powers up to 25-27 mph without even slight strain on the engine. Didn't want to open her up too much until i get a little more riding time to test chain alignments and such. There is also a slight hiccup from the drive train which I attribute to the shifting at higher speeds. I'm sure theres a a learning curve on proper smooth shifting that will take a little time to master. All in all very pleased and Ill get some pictures of the addition after final tuning a couple little odds and ends. Well worth the money in my opinion.