finally got her running with out 4 stocking

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  1. so from using a rt carb i decided to go back to the nt because of of the adjustment and the fact that every one here said its a better carb. doing so and messing with oil/gas ratios i finally got my 48cc gurbee running close about 33mph with no for stroking . only problem is tat the plug might be to cold . i am currently running an expansion chamber , ngk spark plug cap and wire 36 t sprocket, and cnc "fred" head . i am gonna do some porting of the transfer ports and widen/round the intake and exhaust port once i cant ride her in the snow anymore . also looking in to getting a jaguar or hd cdi to make everything tie in together. but i dont know witch cdi to get i see jag is always showing proof on how his works but i have also seen people here love the hd . honestly all i want to do it be able to it 40-45mph (45 might be a long shot ) top end so when im crusing at 30-35 i know i still have more speed if i need it , i post some pics up of my bike ( its my first build) once i clear her up a bit

  2. jaguar

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    the Jaguar is better for modified bikes because of its adjustability