Finished my 49cc Dax kit today!!!!!

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  1. Addum

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    Hello friends.
    Finished just an hour ago! Everything went good. The only problem was that I had to make a front mount to fit the frame. (Micargi Touch) I will add a pic of mount tomorrow, I just forgot to take one in my excitement.
    I went to a plumbing supply and bought an inch and a quarter piece of thick walled pipe to fit into the half moon shaped front mount, Used the included universal mount (plate?) to clamp it with the studs then used an auto muffler clamp to go around the front frame member through the plate using the plate as a sandwich. Hard to explain in print, Simple if you're looking at it. It worked great! No problems with the sprocket. (I expected some, Was pleasantly surprised) Gassed it up and took a short ride around the building.
    I do need to tinker with the carb a bit, It runs a bit rough and won't idle but these are small bugs, Easy to kill.
    I want to clean it up a bit. I ran the wiring temporarily just for test ride. I'll run them where I want them tomorrow. Plus since the bike is matte black I will get a can of matte black spray paint and spray the mount black..... Just little things
    I have to say all thanks to Dax! For a great kit and for putting up with me! LOL!
    I don't know if I can say this here but these things are the most fun I've ever had with my pants on! Just a five minute ride and I can't get the smile off my face!! As a matter of fact I'm going back out and do another short break in ride! See you guys on the road! Addum

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  2. wheelbender6

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    Look forward to the pics. Thatsdax is very good about returning calls and helping members get past the installation hurdles. Good choice.
  3. Addum

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    I uploaded two pics of the front mount. It's still a bit rough, I want to clean it up, Paint it matte black, but I think it will hold and that's what is important right now. Not pictured, I installed a toggle switch on the blue wire so I can kill the motor

    SANDSA Member

    Lookin' good ,Addum,
    I see I'm not the only one hooked on these builds.Tunz-o-fun
    I'm still trying to complete my 1st build and break it in and thinking about how my 2nd build will be like.I like the idea about having gears for the hills.Keep us posted on your progress.
  5. darwin

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    OP you better maker sure that pipe spacer doesn't slip down over time due to vibration, if it's possible it will and could put a hurt on you.
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  6. Rockspider99

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    do I hear the Macgyver theme?
    an idea is to maybe use some Practley Steal Putty to fix the space pipe in position, Once that stuff has set it is pretty solid.
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  7. Addum

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    Fantastic idea! Will do first thing monday morn, as soon as I get to town to get some. Thank you! Addum.
  8. Addum

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    And thank you too Darwin, Great idea! Addum
  9. Addum

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    Me too!! The Wife wants one now! So next build is already on the drawing board. You know what they say. Happy wife, Happy life! Addum
  10. KCvale

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    I like Macargi and I've built like 8 2-strokers on the Touch.

    Do yourself a favor and get a $13 Sick Bike Parts small universal front mount kit.

    The Touch down tube is 1 1/2" so the 'small' bracket is just right and it comes with nice spacers and strong bolts to mount the plate to the engine square.
    Just pull the front mount studs out and use the bolts and spacers.




    All that helps ;-}
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  11. Addum

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    That looks like the way to go! And for under 15 bucks. Thanks KC! I have been a bit obsessed about checking my homemade mount, Trying to be sure it won't loosen up and slip. Thank You for the tip!! Addum
  12. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    You're welcome Addum.

    I suggest you get an Iridium spark plug from SBP when you order as well, it helps take some of the sting out of shipping and in my opinion it is the single best performance enhancement there is for under $10 and why every 2-stroke I build comes with them as standard equipment for 2 years now.

    Build on ;-}