First build. 48cc Skyhawk klunker commuter. Photos and thoughts...

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  1. dudeimarobot

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    Howdy y'all. Its been about a month now that I have had my kit mounted and running. I think I probably went through almost all the noob problems. From breaking studs to sinking floats... The bike has been a ton of fun and a little frustration. I really enjoy working on it and being able to trouble shoot if things go wrong.

    The bike was a rigid steel 7spd schwinn cruiser. Newer model. Not sure the name. Ive stripped most of the paint of the frame, fork and gas tank. Id like to let a little surface rust to begin showing, then clear coat everything. We'll see.... The only thing different from stock is the pocket bike expansion pipe. I got that off a friend who had a wrecked pocket bike.

    I replaced the handgrips with Oury brand ones. Much thicker, softer rubber. love them! Cuts down a good bit on the vibrations.

    I run a 26x2.4 Maxxis Holly Roller tire in the front and a 26X2.5 Maxxis Hookworm in the back. I really like this set up. I use the same on my urban mountain bike. The front has enough tread to give you some turning traction on loose stuff, but still has a fast rolling profile. And the hookworm in the back is great. Smooth rolling. I run 60ipsi in the back and 45psi in the front.

    I broke two chains within the first week of owning. The first was user error, the second was crappy materials. Anyways, I solved the problem for good... I think. I run a KMC K910 1/2x 3/16" chain. Its pretty **** big. you need two to do a MB. they run about 25 bucks through your local bike shop.

    My commute is 4 miles each way, through downtown traffic. It can be a little scary. Most people just stare... Atlanta police doesnt seem to mind at all.
    Ill quit rambling, here's the pics....

    Freshly assembled:


    Fail moment... Broke both front mounting studs at once. Was able to pull one out, the other wouldnt come. Broke off an extractor in it... Thought I was hosed. But came up with this.
    We had a bunch of those pieces of metal in the bike shop. They are used randomly when installing luggage racks. Anyways, double them up. enlarge holes slightly... Its worked for about 50 miles.. Fingers crossed. Seems to be holding strong.

    Thanks for looking!

  2. EnFlaMEd

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    Looks good mate. I stuffed my front mount like yours as well and broke off an extractor bit :D I managed to file it down like yours then drill the bolts out and slightly deeper then retap the holes.
  3. dudeimarobot

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    A little update... I ditched the pocket bike exhaust and expansion pipe. it was too restrictive. I was losing 5mph on the top end and it wouldnt pull as hard uphill. This is compared to the gutted, stock pipe. Im running that for now until I decide to purchase or build an expansion pipe system... I also polished the case fins when it was raining last week...


    Also broke a spoke in the rear wheel today. Of course its on the drive sprocket side.
  4. biketec

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    Im surprised it lasted looks to me like you have the sprocket on wrong.
  5. dudeimarobot

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    Oh yeah? You sure?

    The directions say...
    "1. Locate sprocket on axel hub with curved side next to spokes,
    shinny side in."

    Which is excatly how I have it installed.... In fact, if it is installed the other direction, the chain will rub the the tire and also will be out of alignment with the motor sprocket.

    Thanks for the concern though.
  6. give me vtec

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    sprocket looks backwards to me too.
  7. Foximus

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    My instructions also said to mount it opposite as how you have it. Which obviously did not make any sense as it would rub both the tire and the fender, so it seems actually fairly straight forward to mount the sprocket "backwards" as we have done.
  8. dudeimarobot

    dudeimarobot Member

    Yeah. The chain line is horrible if I have it flipped the other way around.
  9. ezdzd

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    I'm pretty sure i've got the same schwinn as you. I've got my sprocket flipped around (opposite of yours) and am using a #410 chain. Had issues at first with the 2.25 stock tire that came with the bike and the original chain. A 1.75 solved the problem and made my exhaust routing easier. Anyway, you don't need the rubber or the metal ring on the outside of your sprocket. And check it see if you can get rid of the tensioner, those cheap things are an accident waiting to happen, remember if your chain is new it will stretch a bit with time. Your bike is looking good! I'll post a pic of mine in a few days.
  10. dudeimarobot

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    Hey there, thanks for your reply. I do not know exactly what model the Schwinn is.

    The bike has progressed a bit over the past few weeks....

    As for the sprocket thing. It works great how it is. The chain line is great. Im using a 26X2.35 rear tire so I need to run it the way it is. Otherwise, It'll saw a hole through the sidewall of the tire.

    I agree on the tensioner. It is something I check before every ride. Ive been looking into building a different tensioner and or using some bicycle parts. Im running a KMC K910 1/2x3/16 BMX chain.
    Unfortunatley they dont make a halflink for it, so im stuck using a tensioner.
  11. ezdzd

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    Check this link out. Great tensioner alternative. Here are a few pics of my ride, its pretty amazing how two things can start out identical and end up radically different!!!! My front mount also broke off at the block... my easy out also snapped off in the china stud... a diamond tip and some serious frustration later i tapped in 8mm studs for the front mount which is one of the pics. Seems to be working ok but still not content with it. I've since replaced all the other studs with grade 8 bolts that i cut the heads off of. Pretty standard build so far. The mount where the speedo is, is something of a prototype. If i like it i'll make one out of metal that'll follow the curves of the bike a little better. And also thought you'd like to know i've got the sheet metal to make a tank like yours. That space under the top bar is just screaming "Please put a gas tank in me!".

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  12. alecw35

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    looks like you need a longer chain on your regular bike transmission