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    So I'm very anxious to build my first bike but I want to make sure I have a quality set up before I begin. I've been liking the Schwinn cruisers, in particular the SS-X Blackout and the Point Beach. I saw a SS-X at a bike shop and the frame looked skinnier than other models. Will this pose a problem? Also, the SS-X has a coaster brake, what are some pros and cons to other brake types? Lastly, I would appreciate any advice or comments from others who have gone with a Schwinn. Just looking for good info to help me start with a quality motored bike and no junk parts that will need replacing.

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  3. Cordogg

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    were there any mods you had to do for the kit to work or was everything kept stock and fit right?
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    front bar on the bike is too big. i made my own front motor mount with a peice of steel and an exhaust clamp.

    rear fender needs a notch cut out so the chain has enough clearance.

    other than that it was smooth sailing.
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    I checked out the SS-X on the Schwinn website. It has a nice classic look to it. There is a good chance that frame mount kits will work with this bike with little modification as it seems they were designed to work with smaller frame diameters. You would probably have to work on the coaster brake arm to get proper clearance for the new sprocket. It would also be a good idea to fit the front with an additional brakeset which would be relatively easy if the the fork comes with the fittings for a V-brake setup. Both bikes are great candidates.