First motor'd bike, what ya think?

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    OK... I'm new to this whole scene, but I'm excited to see if this can evolve into a new hobby to obsess over. I just picked up this bike today off of Craigslist. From what I can tell, the frame is some type of Huffy... It looks like some kind of beach cruiser. (Pics attached). The bike itself has the old-style "press the pedals back to stop" brake on the rear wheel (don't know the word for it... when I was younger, I just called it the brake, as it was the only one on the bikes I grew up on), and a more conventional set of rim-clamping brakes on the front. The bike is a single-speed, which I personally like, as every bike I've had with a derailleur system was a major pain to keep up on. Again, I grew up on yard-sale Huffy's, so this think feels like coming home! It has a "80cc" motor from Zoom (I did some research, and evidently they are good motors, but actually 69cc. Could anyone with experience clarify?), chain driven rear sprocket. No pull start, just pedal up to speed and release the clutch.

    The frame is in great shape, as are the tires, brakes, ect. The motor recently had a new piston and ring set installed. I bought this thing used from a guy in Virginia beach that had several projects going in his garage. A really nice guy named Dave. He showed me some pics of other builds he's done, including a nasty-looking trike. He directed me to several sites for more info on maintenance and such. Very helpful guy. Thank you if you're reading this, Dave.

    The only real problem(s) I could find were- The clutch lever assembly isn't as 'tight' as I'd like... There is a little too much play in the action for my liking. I adjusted it and tightened it up a little, but the lever itself has too much clearance on the top and bottom. I'll probably make myself a new one at work or rip one off of a junked ATV and adapt it when I get time. The other think is that after riding it to my friend's house, the shaft and lever arm that go into the case for the clutch wiggled out while riding and I had to walk back and find them. I took the cover off of the clutch and looked, and it seems that there is a pin that goes on the inside of the clutch that fits in the groove on the shaft that holds it into the cover. I'll measure the hole and the groove, and make myself a replacement pin from brass, and that problem should be fixed for now. The seller has another cover and shaft/lever he said he'd be happy to give me, so I'll go pick them up the next time I can get to VA beach.

    The bike was purchased for $275. I personally thought it was a good deal. Anyone else have some input?

    Future plans as of now are a set of cafe-racer style bars and a bobber seat, a new headlight and housing mounted to the front of the frame, rear and front fenders cut/moved to where I want them, a wire/cable tuck, some new grips, and a blackout job. I'm thinking bbq black motor paint with some semigloss on everything else. Oh, and a nice carb and maybe a good chambered pipe.

    Also, I'd just like to thank everybody on the site for reading this, and for all the great info. I trolled this site and several others for info before deciding to go this route.

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    Too shiny get some dirt on it.