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    Hi Folks,

    I have been reading here a little after a bit of an internet search. I was thinking I would like to create something to park at work and use to zip around the town I work in. (Dubbo NSW) I am looking at the 80cc motor (I weigh too much for a little one) and was considering getting the specs for the 35cc motor to carry on me (just in case I have to answer to the constabulary) has anybody ever tested this?

    I have bought a k-mart $79 mountain bike and have been riding it normally the last few days (it rides quite well) The only challenge I can see in mounting the motor is the oval shape of the diagonal part of the frame. But I have seen that some people have overcome this with a bolt through the frame and some alluminium plate.

    I have an old style 10 speed mens racer and would really like to make that into a retro cruiser with drop bars (like a cafe racer) and some bigger profile tyres (it has no suspension)with a old style tank (rectangular) and a leather sprung seat and mug gaurds (and lots of pin striping) Its a very old malvern start SL that is in perfect condition.

    I realise this cuts accross many topics but I guess I am full of questions and keen to see the very retro malvern star and the contemporary mountain bike get done.

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    gday mate. good too see another wombat
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    Hi Turbotaxi, Welcome to MBc. Here's a good way to mount the front of the motor on your bike. Use 2 big washers on the nut side cos those Big W bike tubes are pretty thin - see the link below:
    Also the attached is a lab test I print out and carry around in case the police ask about the big 70cc Zbox 2-stroke. They call all the chinese 2-strokes HTs on this forum and it stands for Happy Times which was never my experience with them.
    I've never had to show this lab test report to NSW police cos I don't hoon around on my bike but it is for a 48cc motor and they can't tell the motor size by looking at it. Besides the law puts the power limitation in Watts and very few labs measure power output in Watts least likely the NSW police or the RTA. Just ride sensibly I find and there's no problem.
    I live near Brunswick Heads and have had plenty of experience with those 2-strokes.
    What's the 38cc motor you mentioned?

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    Hey thanks for the info. I read about the 35 or 38 cc motor somewhere on here.