First trike build, still in progress

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  1. gabe

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    this was a huffy nel lusso mated with a Schwinn meridian. the frames been stretched and lowered 1in. in the rear and the springer dropped the front about the same putting the pedals about 1 1/2" from the ground. (don't plan on pedaling much anyway!) The chain guards are made out of chain (pun intended) and spokes. The Grubbee Starfire 66cc powers a 20" bicycle sprocket (same 44T as the original) and 10 LED's. 6 up front and four in the back. Most of the cables and all of the wiring is internal. All three chains have a spring loaded tensioner it was way easier than trying half links and such. The gas tank is a propane bottle with a chrome chevy breather cap. I'm still working on it (aren't we all?) and will try to update it regularly. Thanks for looking,

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  2. GearNut

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    It is looking good! How bright is your LED headlight? How well is the light spread?
    I like to look at all the possibilities and get first hand reviews.
  3. gabe

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    The Led's are ok as far as my field of vision, I did use the super brights but had to be careful to leave enough current in reserve. One mistake I made was placing them on a board in a small circle with the resistors standing up around them, it blocked some of the reflective light. The spread on them is good though and more importantly on coming traffic can see it without a problem. Lastly, I built it rather than bought it and made it work with the small current output of the gru-bee motor.
    If it wasn't for the bad...
    How could you appreciate the good?!
  4. gabe

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    A few more pics

    just a few different angles.

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  5. Alaskavan

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    I like it! Good work.
  6. Phantombiker1

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    love it!
    The welded chain and wire mesh guards and springer are way cool.
    Have you thought of a small generator/battery system to boost your electrical capacity?
    very nice build.
  7. gabe

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    Thanks Phantombiker1,
    I thought of a lot of different ways to set up the electrical. I decided on the engines "spare" wire in the end for a couple of reasons; first I wanted the bike as clean as possible, and second I wanted to do what most people said wasn't feasible, to run lights off of the ignition system.