fixie bike fatality non motorized

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by sactownie, Oct 25, 2013.

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    Much as I hate wearing my helmet and day-glo vest, this is just
    one more reason why I always do. Even in broad daylight I have
    a blinky taillight going & still I have near misses. I've been run over
    ...,,Twice! Wasn't hurt badly the first time, but the second was rawther
    unpleasant. Make that three times if you count getting knocked off
    my bike by a truck's mirror. The guy didn't even slow down.
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    There starting a crackdown on cyclist this week, the ones that run red lights, ride at night without lights, and just basically ride unsafe. Everything I don't do myself so I am not worried about it.
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    I'm never hassled cuz I give 'em a reason to do so.
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    A few weeks ago I saw a guy on a mab going 32 mph, (We shadowed Him), while on the wrong side of the street (4 lanes).

    Stupid in Fontana, CA.