Fixing an Old With a Missing Yogo Block

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    I had a dusty seat pan from my Old Schwinn and wanted to do something with it and not spend any money in the process. I dug around and found a few things. BTW, i don't know anything about a missing yoga block or felt blanket.

    PART_1434064876999_0611151619.jpg PART_1434064829219_0611151619a.jpg PART_1437321805546_0719150902.jpg PART_1437321831388_0719150902a.jpg PART_1437322182176_0719150909.jpg

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  2. Leroybrown420

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    It's all that I could find and I wasn't going to spend any money.
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    PART_1437328685685_0719151057.jpg PART_1437328962523_0719151102.jpg PART_1437333964319_0719151225.jpg PART_1437333987147_0719151225a.jpg PART_1437337903342_0719151331.jpg PART_1437337953216_0719151332.jpg PART_1437338091890_0719151334.jpg PART_1437339608076_0719151359.jpg PART_1437339649326_0719151400.jpg
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    I thought a had enough vinyl but came up short. I found some black denim scraps from a past project. It' worked okay

    PART_1437340651564_0719151417.jpg PART_1437342451402_0719151447.jpg PART_1437342529526_0719151448.jpg PART_1437345191479_0719151532.jpg PART_1437345769171_0719151542.jpg PART_1437345825851_0719151543.jpg PART_1437346070862_0719151547.jpg PART_1437347885264_0719151617.jpg PART_1437347904385_0719151616.jpg PART_1437347956869_0719151618.jpg