four wheeler bicycle

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    hello friends
    I know I Ask A lot of Question this because I am beginner

    my question now is if I make 4 wheeler bicycle and provide it with engine but for one rear wheel . in other word only one powred wheel .
    do you think it will work??

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  2. stude13

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    powering your beautiful ride is no problem, but it is in no way a bi-cycle. you can make it a tri-cycle out of it. four wheels wont fly with the law. it would be fairly easy to turn it into a trike.
  3. Happy Valley

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    What stude13 said, unless you're planning on staying on private land or a closed track or something. Yeah you could power it, same as a trike.

    Bi means two, so you're looking at a quadracycle.
    Most of us get by with the law 'cause we're essentially riding bikes. If you plan on motorizing a quad and using it on the street expect the reaction from the cops as if you took a go-cart out.
  4. Mountainman

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    wow that 4 wheeled thing is darn right pretty !!!

    one wheel drive -- friction I reckon -- should work fine

    but also looks like with a little work you could get a chain sproket back there

    yes it is a shame thinking that the pooolice may not respond well to it with motor

    ride that THING

    TNNAROOT New Member

    it is verey nice to read this.
    if the policemen is only prooblem .so do not warry about them. I am going to use it in Country where policemen are kind men .
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