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    I Haven't seen any posts referencing this, my question is what is the average thickness of frames for most crusiers? At some point when engine mod are done, it has to affect the torquing on the frame. Also , what happens when we modify a frame for larger engine? I think bikes like the Worksman Industrial may have a better frame, but not sure. Any thoughts on this?

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    I have a Worksman INB well built for sure, how much better ? The fact that it's brazed, not MIG welded tells me the metal is the good quality, old school stuff. I question MIG on steel frames. [ Told the induction from welding changes the strength of the metal, welded frames get brittle, and crack. ] The way I see it, if the whole bike costs $ 120 what are the wheels made out of ? Check out the Worksman wheels, very heavy duty. Pay more - get more. The wheels alone are $ 300 . For a couple hundred more, you get the whole bike. Yes, some of the accessories are crappy, but they can be changed out.
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