friction drive is a sucess!

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    wow im so impressed with my friction drive kit that im considering to buy another one, theres absolutely no slippage as long as the tire has no tread (street tires), im using the 52cc auger motor on my bikemotorparts kit (1.25 inch roller) and so far top speed with me weighing (246 pounds) is 34.2 MPH, im guessing after the break-in period it will go lots faster, ive attached some pictures of it below and also a video will be on my youtube here in a while so be sure to check that out

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    I'm a friction drive fan myself, after having owned a Solex moped for many years. Plain and simple, it works, and it does so without a lot of moving parts, belts, chains, and those dreaded tensioners. It does have it's limitations, smooth tires, and you can't ride in the rain, but I live in Phoenix, AZ, and it doesn't rain here.

    I have covered several hundred miles on a friction drive bike with no problems, and I am new to MB. I rode most of those miles out of town, because I am currently running a Tecumseh TCII, and it makes the devils own noise. It can easily be heard from 1/2 mile away. I am looking to upgrade soon to something a LOT quieter, and am trying to find out which motor is the quietest. I'm fairly certain it will be a 4 stroke.

    The Solex had a 49cc 2 stroke, and purred along very quietly, but it had a whopper of an exhaust pipe and muffler. It also topped out at about 20 mph, which is fine for me, as that is the max legal speed for an MB here in AZ. Jerry.
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    UPDATE: i think i got in broke-in pretty far and now the top speed is 36.3 MPH!, its crazy fast for a bike, my neighbors dogs bark like crazy everytime i ride past their fence LOL, im loving this thing so much!
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    Are you sure your engine is broken in? I believe you're turning WAY over its rpm limit.:detective:

    Junkyarddog, an ADA S1 pipe will quiet down ANY engine. :idea:

    I've had it on my GP460, which was loud to begin with.
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    In the video, it looks like your rear tire is almost flat ??? Hit a hard bump with it, & you will need a new wheel !
    Other than that,,,, GREAT GOING !
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    nah its slipping because its covered in mud and cause im so fat! LOL, the motor works great start with just one pull everytime, and after i swapped the muffler to the one in the pictures it had a huge increase in power
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    Wow! That looks great! Where did you get the exhaust pipe? Have you calculated MPG yet? I'd like to hear more about it as you get more experience.

    I ride the BMP friction drive kit on a recumbent with a Robin 33cc 4 stroke engine and a 1" roller because of the smaller engine and lots of hills in Oregon where I live. I can go about 25 MPH and get about 180 MPG. I only weight 175 lbs.

    I've had it for almost 2 years now and it's been a dream. I hope you have the same luck I've had with my kit!

    Thanks for sharing!!
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    Is that the Happy Time engine? If not, where'd you get it from?
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    No, the muffler.:detective: