??? Friction Drive - Solid Tire ??? Is this one OK?

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by occchopperfl, Aug 1, 2010.

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    I think I recall posts saying to stay away from the airfree tires- they are not real stable?
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    I have read that they can be quite squirmy in corners, although I have no personal experience with them what so ever.
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    Spoke to BMP, and he doesn't know first hand about it, good or bad.
    He intends to test it himself in the future, and update his tire section on his website too.

    PLEASE - Any experienced members with solid tires - share their experience with the forum.

    Thsnk you. :)
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    Schwalbe Marathon Plus

    I had problems with the seams failing on tubes (I think from flexing inward) and finally put a Schwalbe Marathon Plus (tread is at least twice as thick as a normal tire) with a heavy duty tube and tire liner on the rear wheel and haven't had a problem in at least 1,000 miles. At $48 it was expensive but well worth it. I love my Staton-Honda friction drive, it runs flawlessly.
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    I appreciate your post. Thank you.

    I was thinking Staton or BikeMotorParts (BMP) Friction Drive.
    From what i've read, they are both good, but BMP is a little less costly and a little more easy to swap out parts ie drive shaft.

    The saying goes: "Nothing good is ever cheap and nothing cheap is every good."
    (ive bought a chinese grubee 40cc 4 stroke rack mount, and I'm having a rough time getting it all together - mount engine/chain/ rear sprocket issues, not to mention a cheap huffy cranbrook)

    If I dont get it going by this month, (I dont work on it full time) ,i'm getting a friction drive and ill be riding a day after i get the kit. Period, done, installed, tweaked, DONE! :)

    Can you post a link to your tire vendor?
    Do you have pics of your bike?

    Thanks again. :)
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    Hi Motman812,

    I found pics of your schwinn from jan 2009. Nice bike!

    The schwalbe marathon tire set up makes total sense. :)
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