Cheap Friction Drive.

So this is now NOT an FD. Im bad not to leave anything alone. Seems I had an extra 5:1 gearbox and this is what happened. Will be chain drive. Nothing has been modded to interfere with reversing it back to FD. About a half hour job.
Will run a 19 or 20:1 ratio. Havent decided yet. Waiting on of all things a rag joint! Only down side I see is the engine is
20mm further out.
I have one of those gearboxes but it needs the bolts, nut for the bell and gasket I was discussing it on my thread.
@Cannonball3 what bike did you use. I'm having problems with my frame and the fd kit mostly in the rear bars the derailleur has a bracket thats sticking out too far even cut the bottom of the bar twice.
My build was a derailleur bike. I just converted it to a single speed using the multi speed freewheel. Did away mounting issues.