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    I found an old adult sized trike. Functional single speed. Being an oldster I would like to add a friction drive to turn the FRONT tire. Something simple that can clamp around the handle bar post or the fork tube. with or without a lift mechanism. A studded sleeve for more traction I think. 26 inch tires. I am looking for a basic, as in inexpensive kit, battery, motor, charger, throttle, either twist grip, thumb grip, or a simple switch. Recommdations by name, model,website,prices. Thanks.

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    Staton Inc. has a few kits that you might be interested in I believe they have both gas and electric bike engine kits. I think they just have hub motor kits for electric bike conversions and small gas engines with front or rear mounting options for friction drive kits. I'm working on a rear mount friction drive for my mountain bike. For the engine; I'm getting a 35cc honda 4 stroke. Reliable and can go farther than any battery powered E bike with a decent sized fuel tank.
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