Brakes Front Disc Brakes on OCC Stingray

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by 1968gtcs, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. 1968gtcs

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    Just added some front disc brakes to my stingray chopper for extra stopping power. I've put about 200+miles on them without a problem and really enjoy the extra stopping power. Since its never been done before with the stock fork and wheel, just thought you guys would like to see it.


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  2. lennyharp

    lennyharp Member

    I like the looks of that improvement. The improved stopping power is noticeable? The whole bike looks great.
  3. 1968gtcs

    1968gtcs New Member

    Yes, its a huge difference.....braking is a lot smoother almost as if its a motorcycle. I'm going to add rear disc brakes next weekend.
  4. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    what is that gas tank from ???
    oh yeah...the brakes look stock,,,nicely done:D
  5. 1968gtcs

    1968gtcs New Member

    tank is from a jesse james bicycle. its in primer awaiting paint.
  6. The tank is awesome!
  7. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    nice job on the tank...could you do a thread on how you made it fuel-ready ?
    ie: did you use the cap/bung and petcock from kit tank...etc
  8. Ghost0

    Ghost0 Guest

    I want your disc brake conversion specs. Did you get a different hub or did you get an adapter and how did you mount the caliper on the fork?
  9. 1968gtcs

    1968gtcs New Member

    I cut both the fuel neck and petcock out of the cheap little tank that came with the kit and welded them onto my tank. Sowed up the bottom, blasted it, pressure tested it and slicked it down. I have another i'm doing, i'll try and take pics of it along the way.
  10. 1968gtcs

    1968gtcs New Member

    Caliper is mounted on the fork via standard ISO disk mounting tab(can buy for around $7-8 or make your own with 1/4'' plate!!). No one makes a 24 inch disk wheel, so you have to make it, or go with a 26 inch disk wheel and look like a goonie. You can get cheap 32 or 36 spoke disk hubs, but i found a special BMX hub (Halo) with 48 spoke so I could use the original rim plus i love the look of 48 spokes(don't scrimp on the hubs like the hubs that come orginally with these bikes are trash and cheapo bearings go bad, get a nice hub). I really wanted to spoke it radial like orginal wheel, but since its disk, its a very bad idea. I went with 3 cross pattern and it seems to flow nicely with the back wheel. I masked off the rim before i respoked it and poked holes in the tape to theard my spokes through so i can paint the spokes black like the orginal ones(or you can go expensive way and get black spokes). Use DT swiss spokes only, all others are trash! Account for 1mm of rim shrinkage when you calculate spoke length for your particular hub if you use the stock wheel.

    I have an extra wheel I spoked up if anyone wants to buy it with high end Halo hub. Looks just like mine, spokes aren't painted yet. Or I can spoke yours up for you with the hub you buy for a good price.
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  11. levsmith

    levsmith Member


    dude that looks awesome. i will be getting a stingray from a friend that is going active duty. the plates for the back mounting plates are trash, so basically there are no brakes(im gonna need some new shoes and alot of luck). Just kidding. im a safe driver, i dont want to drive it without brakes. could you possibly list all the parts and how much it cost? I need brakes bad. thanks for any help.
  12. 1968gtcs

    1968gtcs New Member

    Disk brake kit, steel mounting tab, welder, cutter, spokes, disk hub
  13. levsmith

    levsmith Member


    could you post links to the parts? sorry i dont know a whole lot about parts. i've tried looking for things but im not really sure what to search for. thanks. also could you post how much it cost? thanks
  14. levsmith

    levsmith Member

    close up

    thanks for any help. also a real close up would be nice. i have a metal shop class right now so i might be able to make some of the stuff. mainly the mounting tab.
  15. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    hi 1968; is the wheel still available? how much? thanks
  16. mikaleno

    mikaleno Member

    Boy, I'm trying to digest all this......I want disks on my StingRay! Keep the info coming!
  17. 1968gtcs

    1968gtcs New Member

    wheel is $200 plus shipping....stock stingray wheel, halo hub, dt swiss spokes......ill sell the whole front fork and wheel assembly for $400 plus shipping....its ready to bolt on and ride
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