front rack for cruiser style bike

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    Hey folks, I can find a million rear racks but I have a friction drive kit. I want a front rack that would allow me to mount a gas tank, or basket, or whatever. Has anyone see a front rack?


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    Most front racks have no top platform at all and are only for rigging two touring panniers, like this one: by Subcat: Racks

    Some of the touring front racks have top platforms, but these tend to be pretty expensive. One example:

    Within the last few years, I have seen a shorty front rack somewhere that was fairly cheap, but can't find it anywhere at the moment. It was not long enough to mount a regular rear cargo trunk on however, so I don't know how useful it would be.

    A more functional choice would be something from or, but these cost a considerable sum of money.
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    I've got a front rack off a 60's Schwinn i'd be willing to sell. E-mail me if interested and I'll send you pictures.
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    Front Rack

    Bike Nashbar has a front rack and Performance Bike does also. Bike Nashbar has one for sale at $9.99 in their latest catalogue.