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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by andante94, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. andante94

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    Hey. Does anyone have experience with nitromethane or nitropropane?
    If so, how well has it worked with your 2-stroke motor?:arrow:

  2. brendonv

    brendonv Member

    oww nitro sounds dangerous. This is probably nothing to do with happytimes but this guy blew up a 2 stroke 30cc whipper snipper motor from running nos in it.
  3. sparky

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    Dunno if we're talking about the same stuff my friend bought for his Go-Ped Riot... but it definitely did add quite a bit to the top end.


    His GP460 could already easily spin at 10,000 RPM... after a couple tanks of that "NOS Octane Booster" his clutch springs broke and in turn messed up the clutch pads. =-(

    It's prolly a good way to find the biggest weakness[es] in your engine.
  4. biketec

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    I have a nos setup on my bike I got from http://www.boostbottleindustries.com/nos_kits.html never gave her a squeeze yet but in time I will its just on one of my many bikes I have laying around I hooked it up to the end of my boost bottle but there she sets never used or ridden.I know its a shame but to many toys not enough time in one day.
  5. s_beaudry

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    Pushing the HT to it's limits I see.....
  6. ZnsaneRyder

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    Try some nitro in your trailer, hehehe!

    I like to use denatured alcohol, and it works great!