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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jimmyglitter, Jul 27, 2008.

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    I thought I would start this thread as I am sure there are many funny stories you can add from riding your motorized bicycle.

    I was riding home from work, it was my anniversary so I stopped and bought my wife some flowers. I have a basket on the front of my bicycle and that is where I placed the bouquet. Well, when I was up to speed on the street, the flowers caught wind and launched themselves off of my bike. I thought they were toast and looked behind in my mirror to see a man in a large tow truck swerve to dodge my flowers and he even waved to indicate that he managed to miss them. You know there are some good people in this world and he is one of them. I put down my bike quickly so I could get back to pick up the flowers before any other vehicles hit them. I managed to get them home intact except for one flower to one happy wife! Gotta tie those flowers down next time!

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    I think a software error may have omitted the funny part out of your post. Were'nt you gonna tell us that the flowers, after having made contact with the roadway, absorbed some sort of a flesh eating bacteria that literally ate the unsuspecting recipient of those flowers :confused:
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    I dunno, the thought of some guy riding down the street on his motorized bike with a basket of flowers is hilarious. The flowers flying out and almost getting run over is icing on the cake. Would have been funnier if the truck swerved to avoid hitting the flowers and ran over a small animal instead. :shock:
  4. TWalker

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    Flesh eating bacteria and running over small animals funny?

    Hmmm....and I thought I was hangin out with some really nice people here.....
  5. stringer

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    think again!
  6. SimpleSimon

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    Every barrel has at least one sour apple.
  7. stringer

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    not true.

    i have a barrel with no sour apples in it. happens all the time.
  8. Skyliner70cc

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    Dude, why u have to ruin it for us. Now my wife expects me to get her some flowers......
  9. jimmyglitter

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    I didn't get her the flowers they were for me. Men are selfish, I was hoping for something back! ;-) You otta try that sometimes, it works!
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    I once pulled into my town's Webster Bank drive up teller to make a deposit, and all the lady could say to me was, "cool bike". That same day I drove down to our town's farmer's market, picked up some vegetation and headed home.

    I noticed in my mirror this guy had been following me for almost half the time, so I pulled over and hoped he would pass. To my surprise he thanked me for pulling over, because he wanted to know all about my "motorcycle bike". I'm just glad he didn't want me under his front axle.

    OH- and the semi-retired cop actually had something to do while guarding our town beach park one day when I flew through the stop sign by accident (it was new). She flagged me down and gave me an ear full. It must have made her day.