FYI - talking to police


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9:21 PM
Aug 10, 2008
Salt Lake, Utah
I think most motor assisted bikers must be friendly, honest people. We'll probably think ourselves innocent in most situations and be inclined to talk a lot. Some situations might warrant not talking at all.

Here's a couple of informative videos - a little long but worth the time to watch.
I totally understand their point. But what I do is different, I approach the cops and engage them in friendly banter during which I remind them of the AZ mb law.
hi astring; so you totally understand their point--but. do you think you could have been the third speaker in this forum and won either over to your approach? i think you listened and didnt get it. the point is dont talk to cops.
As the comedian Ron White pointed out.....I had the right to remain silent , I just didn't have the ability.
As the comedian Ron White pointed out.....I had the right to remain silent , I just didn't have the ability.

Yes Tylden - it's like Catch 22 - keeping our mouths shut - easier said than done at times. I watch Cops on tv - how many times when the cops ask for permission to search do the ones getting busted say OK and say way too much - when they could have said no thank you ? Years ago when stopped I said no thank you - the cop said that he would call in and get a warrant to search my car - after sitting on the curb for about an hour - he got mad and took off. Most of us almost always talk too much when stopped. It makes the pooolice mad if we don't answer their questions and if we do - we dig ourselfs a hole - what's one truly to do - at the very least we can - carry some kind of paperwork with us that state the facts - that's what I carry - fact regarding MB laws in this state - and try to say the least possible.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
haha.. I was stopped buy a cop the other day. I live in So Cail.. maybe the most anal city in the world regarding BS laws such as riding a bike. He started giving me sh** about the bike and I told him it was either the bike, or drive my truck illegally, or get fired from my job... not be able to pay my court fines... get sent to jail... and become a real criminal. I told him that if I crashed my bike I promised to only kill myself and not hurt the driver of the car.

I was a lil irritated.. 6am after a 14 hour shift and flat tire...

He let me go without conflict. :)
Hi Huntington - if you don't mind sharing - what do you think got you off - any paperwork carried ? Motorized bicycle Ca. plate ? Just the talking ? We know that here in Ca. - they don't want to admit they are wrong and LOVE TO WRITE TICKETS !!! Happy Riding from - Mountainman
no paper work but that is a good idea. I think it was my attitude and fact I was getting off work.. not just cursing. Wearing an orange vest with lights front and back.. .

I have legal issues right now and to be honest with you getting in trouble for riding my bike is not a big concern. I told the cop I work 14 hour nights, (i was still in uniform) that I have a car but am not driving it because of license issue, that I'm going to court Friday... Was funny and made him laugh...

I think he just had better things to do and respected I wasn't driving...

I was also only going about 10mph so I let him believe that was as fast as I could go.

Talking to the CHP about the motorbike... they said its a gray area.. no clear cut law saying you can ride or cant. He told me.. "I cant tell you it's legal but we honestly have better things to do, don't drive like a jacka--." it really depends on the cop....

or maybe my, "F-u I'm just trying to work attitude". Cops are as-holes so maybe we just have something in common. :)

You encounter any troubles with the law in Cali?
or... and not to sound racist... because I am a white guy driving through a poor Mexican neighborhood. Cops in So Cali play favorites and although I dont agree with it... if it's in my favor, I'm not going to complain.