gas tank studs on a thick frame

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  1. Are there any generic gas tanks out there with longer studs on them? I am mounting a backbone that's a real thick diameter. (micargi prado)

    The standard 3L (.75 gallon) gas tanks commonly seen on eBay and on most of the bikes on this site is the tank I'm working with and its so tight i had to omit the washer and lock washer that came with the tank cuz there is no more clearanve. There is only 4 Chinese nuts and blue locktight

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    Sure, just get 4 1-1.5" long 10mm nut offsets for like a 50 cents each at the hardware store and 4 short 10mm bolts.
    You screw the extenders half way up the tank studs, then run the 4 new bolts up from the bracket to it with all the locking stuff you want.

    I have close up pictures of this somewhere but at the moment my web site is in backup mode and I can't find them easy.
    Check you math ;-}
    Most kits come with a 2L ~.5 gallon tank, SKyhawk kits come with the larger 2.5L .66 gallon tanks.

    It's all good though and you can't find the 'long nuts' I'll post a pic when I can find one as I've had to that several times.

  3. What is the thread pitch on the 10mm studs/bolts on these gas tanks?
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    Ive got friends that screwed the mounting bracket right to the top of the frame..
    Then ran the studs through them..
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    have not done this myself though.
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    Yep, done that too on really fat top bars, the trick is to get a bit and tap so you can screw into the top and hold it oppressed to drilling all the way though. I have pics somewhere but no time and as long as the top bar is thin enough to fit with studs by just extenders work betterl.
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    The studs on the larger gas tanks are 6 mm 1.0
    same size as the motor studs, exhaust and intake studs and most of the
    motor case bolts and covers.

    The long nuts are called coupling nuts and are also made with a different
    thread size at each end.
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    I used silicon sealer and found that I didn't need any screws or nuts! A year later and still sitting on the cross bar.
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    Interesting. Any specific kind?