GEBE bolt sheered off


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Apr 20, 2008
Phx AZ
Has anyone had a mount bolt sheered off like this on a GEBE? Any ideas?

this is the email I am sending Dennis at GEBE


I tried to center the belt on the gear when I noticed that one bolt was missing. Not sure how this could happen, but I am wondering what to do from here.
Can I get a replacement nut and bolt (it does not seem like something I could get at Home depot). I attached a picture so you can see. It seems straight forward on how to replace it, but any things I need to watch out for would be appreciated.



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i've never heard of that & find it surprising...that's a pretty hard bolt.

the debris pattern seems uneven. of the the bolts wasn't tight enuff? if the remaining bolt was loose, i could see why the missing one broke. is that wear on the underside of the mount?

i'm not looking for a reason to bail on & uncle_punk are looking at a new strap & mount as i type this, they're very nicely mated & we can't see any daylight.

you can replace that (it's threaded into the mount)...lemme dig up the specs for you in the morning.

EDIT: i was replying while you were editing. lemme know if i can help.
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I think that that is just where it did not get dirt. Anyway, is that a bolt I can get from Home Depot?
you can replace that (it's threaded into the mount)...lemme dig up the specs for you in the morning.
but i bet someone will reply to your email before i'll be able to get 'em on the phone.
I've been fiddling with my engine off the mount.

I just grabbed one and its a 1/4-20 button head socket hex screw. It's 0.7 inches long. On the other end it has a lock nut and a regular washer to match. I used a 5/32 hex wrench. Or just bring in one of the other ones :D

In a pinch it seems like a bolt from the local hardware store would do. A regular hex head might allow for easier access using a regular wrench, plus a hardware store is more likely to have those.
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That doesnt look good - was it immediately noticable riding the bike or did you notice it when you checked things over..

I havent had anything like that on mine - touch wood - although I do need to find a bolt for one of the springs on the seat - I cant really afford a pack of nylocks when I only need one *sigh*

How many miles had you done? all in all I think I have managed about 1000 miles all told on mine :D which is pretty surprising when you think about it

Jemma xx
ABout 1000 miles. I got an email back from GEBE, they are sending me the bolts and gave me instructions. They can't be beat for support.
Thats about the same distance mine has done *sigh* ...

Im gonna get another belt ordered soon - I hope I can get the stickers that go with it as well - since I need some to finish the tank logo and the bike side chain cover..

Jemma xx
I got the bolt(s) and got it together. It was pretty tough to get that hex (allen) bolt out of there (the one that was sheered off). I took the part to Home depot and the guy spent an hour working on it with me. We used the shop in the tool rental (for no charge!). finally we got it, but it would not have been possible without that help.
Same problem here......

Hi aString. This is Joe in Chandler. I have had a mounting bolt shear off about 5 times now. In my case I think it has to to with rough road conditions. I was able to go to ace hardware and get the 1/4 20 grade 8 bolts and nuts. I had to file the closest to the engine though. I have about 1200 miles now on my GEBE 35cc. Hope you have better luck than me.