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    Does anybody own a Next Avalon comfort bike? It has a monoshock rear suspension. Right now, I have the front mount strap bolted to the base of the seat post, but what that does is immobilize the rear suspension. :-/

    I'd like suggestions or solutions on where I should bolt the front mount strap to. :confused: A photograph is enclosed of the bike's rear suspension.
    Thanks for any help you can give me! :cool:

    .......What, no replies? I can really tell I'm not welcome here, so I will leave

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    yer answer is already here:

    EDIT: 2 things...1-the question is misplaced, "rack mount" is where it belongs, and that's where the answer was, too. 2-chill out, it takes a forum this big a week (not one day) to percolate.
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  3. Yea man we are all riding right now dude!
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    Moved thread from General to Rack Mount where it belongs.