GEBE with a Honda 50??

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by strotter, May 11, 2010.

  1. strotter

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    Anybody used that combination? Does the Honda have to much torque for the spokes??

  2. loquin

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    The greater torque (nearly double) is one problem. The second is that the 50cc Honda has a shaft output, and not the standard small engine flat 3 inch (apx) clutch mount. So, in order to use the GEBE, you would first have to adapt the engine; Staton sells the adapter and clutch for about $130 (total.) However, it entails cutting off some of the shaft, then drilling/tapping a centered hole in the end of the shaft.

    The engine is substantially heavier than the 35cc motors, and that, coupled with a motor that is wider than the 35cc motors (which places the center of mass for the motor farther from the bike centerline) AND being pushed even farther out by the adapter, could make the bike uncomfortable to ride...
  3. Tanaka40

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    Go with a Tanaka

    I suggest you Go with a Tanaka 40cc (or 47cc if you can find one reasonabaly priced). After the break in period of 500 to 1000 miles, you can add a expansion chamber pipe, larger Carb and a Boost bottle to rev up the 40cc to about 2.4 HP (or more depending who you ask) and the 47cc to over 3.0 HP.
    Now remember the good ol' state of California restricts us to 2.0 GROSS Horse Power. ( but I'm not telling what mine can do !!!:jester: ) BTW a Tanaka engine does not care what angle you run it in, so most of us run ours about horizontal position (piston travel direction). A Honda 50 should be run in (vertical piston travel) a almost perfect level position from the base of the engine, unlike its cousin the 35. Now if wheres my dog would post his update with his Titan (close Honda clone), we could see if that engine will work too !
    When in doubt, call Dennis and Julia at GEBE and let them help you. They are very friendly and loaded with knowledge about their drive system.
    Good luck.
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    ok ok, I get the hint, but I have an excuse....

    I was just about to try out the TITAN on my GIANT GEBE when I noticed all the leftover square tubing I had along with some bearings and go kart parts and started building a motorized scooter!

    Oh man, she is a thing of beauty! All I have left to do is weld on some handlebars to the steering column and I am ready to take her on the streets and test her out!

    Back to the GEBE TITAN..... will try and fit it on tomorrow or thursday and see how it looks!