Get Your Motor Runnin! The accumulative mods effect!

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    Well I got my motor running. I had made an effort to put all the mods possible into the engine. The only thing that could be better would be to use another cylinder kit and not the stock one. I did modify the cylinder ports and flow volume indepthly. That's where most of the work was. A real pain that's for sure. But every bit worth it!!!
    On my first ride I almost ended up on my back a couple of times when it tried to do stand up wheelies on me just out of nowhere! Wow! Deep throated grunt and even higher end wind out! Sounds more like a dirt bike now.
    Here's the video. Sorry I don't have a gopro and I had to hold the camera strap in my teeth. Turn up the volume to aprecciate:

    I almost got bogged down in sand, but then I hit the throttle and it started doing rooster tails with drifting right and left!
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