Getting ready for winter


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Jun 12, 2008
I will try to ride my MB as long as I can, but if i decide it is just too cold here in Minnesota, is there anything I should do besides empty the gas tank to get it ready for winter storage (in a heated garage)??
Get all of the gas out of the carb. Take it apart and very lightly blow with compressed air, or take all the rubber seals out and use carb cleaner. Or a dousing with rubbing alcohol prolly would work without damaging the seals.

The jet and the little needle valve on the float tend to clog up very easily when the gas gets old

This part might be overkill, but take the spark plug out and put a few drops of motor oil in the hole to prevent the piston ring from rusting. Then put the spark plug back in.
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you could probably just winterize it, they have additive for the gas, you run it through then blow some carb winterizer into that and should be good. its what ive done for my snowmobiles and whatnot for years.
in a heated garage I think you can go either way

1 -- for now just run all of the gas out of tank and carb

2 -- leave your gas in
start it every couple of weeks
then when you are ready to start riding again
new gas

ride that thing
I don't winterize my rides because it doesn't sit.
Only a blizzard will stop me.
Oh yea.
Hawaiian Blizzard at Dairy Queen.
I want one.
Well, Ive got to get my mind into winter mode. Went out Sat. at 05:30, 46 deg. in a sweat suit, no gloves or cap. Got home, after 45 minutes I gave up and took a shower to warm up. Sometimes kerf don't engage brain before starting bike.
shiver -- as I -- ride that thing

no gloves or cap.
Sometimes kerf don't engage brain before starting bike.

yes - the other morning setting out in the dark
for a little morning MB ride

man it seemed cold -- and winter has not hit yet
this old mountain guy was thinking about that ((gloves thread))

yes -- my excellent memory

shiver -- as I -- ride that thing
same here.. i was driving to work and classes the other day and it didnt seem like a bad day out.. but when you hit 25-30 in a sweat shirt and jeans... gets colld.
I was just thinking I should put in fresh antifreeze. Top-ups with water have diluted it. I'll bleed and purge it in the morning.

I should think of bodywork to shield the engine underneath.
Otherwise I think the winter salt will take a great toll.

Maybe I'll get a HT and ride that in the winter. It wouldn't be as much a loss.