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    So after doing some modification to the bike I decide to go test run it in my high school parking lot. Its 11:30 at night on a tuesday. The baffles were removed so it was a little loud. BTW the parking lot is very dark and is a known drug traffic area. Cop roles through with his head lights off and sees me. When I saw him I killed the engine which killed the front light as well. Rolled slow but saw in my bike mirrors the lights come on and He pulled me over. Got all my info, thank god he didn't ask for a license because I didn't have it (I'm 15). Ran me up, came back and told me to pedal it home. SO WHATS YOUR COP STORY?

  2. butre

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    I don't have one because I don't do speed runs at midnight with no headlight.
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    Very funny butre. But yes I know it was stupid. Better than doing it in my neighborhood at 12 and waking everyone.
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    Honestly it was a pretty bad idea to be testing it at 11:30 at night. If you ride these things it's better to do it during the day because they're really noisy and police don't respond to noise complaints until after 11pm so you'll be fine unless you run into a patrol (even then they probably won't bother you as long as you aren't causing trouble). As for cop stories I don't have any yet but I'm sure I will, the cops by me harass people that aren't breaking the law so riding a motorized bike that isn't street legal under any circumstances will probably get me pulled over at some point.
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    I've looked up the statutes for my state (Tennessee). I built my bike so it would be legal. I obey all the traffic laws fully. Therefore I've never been pulled over. See police on most days I ride.
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    I'm glad I don't live in a state with stop and identify statute. :p
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    stop and identify? is it the 4th amendment that outlaws that? unreasonable search and seizures? well, he was riding on public property(doubt if its public anymore)
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    I think I'm going to puke!
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    I have a loud and obnoxious machine that can exceed the speed limit on every single road in my 12 mile commute, and that commute goes right through 2 school zones and past a dispatch station that always has a cop or three coming out or going in. I've never been stopped because I always wear a helmet, have a full 12v lighting system and enough common sense to obey all traffic laws whenever people might be looking.

    I'll admit though, the first few times I saw a cop while riding my bike I did a little pucker
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    this reminds me of a cheech and chong movie for some reason...nice dreams i believe...

    "hey man, i know my rights, you cant just do that, like, even if you did search the car and found drugs man, you cant just let us go like this man...." :jester:

    nah, too many cop stories to tell em all, but i only seem to get in trouble (and a lot of time dont) when riding the road registered 80hp bike...

    best one was the lil registered pit bike i had, pulling over at the shops just on dusk, and a cop on bike pulls in behind me... dam he says, thought i just got myself an unregistered dirt bike! it was amusing...

    or doing over twice the speed limit because an unmarked cop behind me just vanished (i knew he was there, checked, checked being a nice empty straight....WOT!!!!)...and i tells ya, i was looking behind me all the way down that 2km straight, not a sign of him! pull over at shops, remove helmet, and he taps me on the shoulder, asking to see my license. so if i was doing 180...what the %^$%^$%$^ had he just been doing to catch up that fast? system had a bugsplat and said my license was expired... i said, CAR license is the expired one... told me to slow down a bit and took off :)

    if i had been busted for everything ive been pulled over id have had a license for less than a year out of the 14 ive been on the road! as for them sneaky cameras....grrr. cant talk nice to them!

    even been held in a fishbowl for five hours until i sobered up enough to blow into the real machine back at the station. five hours! i was fine by then :) plastered when they bought me in but...