Greetings from Lijiang, Yunnan, China

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    My name is Wen and I live in Lijiang, Yunnan, China ( ) a UNESCO world heritage site.

    I have a tadpole trike and planning to cycle through Tibet, Qinghai ( ) and other rural parts of China. Incidentally, I am owned by 2 females, Tanja and her daughter Anny, my beloved German Shepherd dogs.

    My original plan was to pull a trailer with my trike, bringing Tanja and Anny along with tent and sleeping bag. Since the ride will be over mountaineous region ranging from 6,000 feet to 15,000 feet, Tanja and Anny would be helping to pull during ascend, and enjoy the ride on the trailer during descend. I hope to cover about 50 miles a day. Averaging 10 mph over 8 hour ride. For those of you animal lovers and before you start calling SPCA, let me assure you that Tanja and Anny greatest love would be to pull the trike, they get all excited the minute they are latched onto the trike and couldn't wait to run.

    Since some part of the journey will be totally deserted, there may be days when I do not even get to see any human, there may be times when I need to push beyond 50 miles a day, or when the dogs are too tired to help pull during the ascend, I began to look for alternative way of assisted power, integrated electric motor hub is the easiest but since I will encounter difficulty charging batteries this option is out. I am then left with the gas powered.

    I have been looking at friction and chain drive by a few manufacturers that turned up at Google search and more or less have an idea how I want it but have to admit that I haven't done enough homework, as it wasn't that urgent. But settled on a either a Honda GX25 or Robin EH025 25cc engine to comply with China's law for power assisted HPV.

    I am in Singapore for a short visit for other biz and thought since I am here I would go buy an engine. Honda GX25 is not available after enquiring with the local distributor, Robin EH025 is a natural choice, in any case I leaned towards Robin from start for it is manufacture in Japan. I did consider the 2 strokes Komatsu for a while but then decided against it for fuel economy, torque and noise.

    To cut a long story short, I bought a Robin EH025 today, now I have to get serious about deciding the best option, chain/friction drive and buying the remaining bits, gear, etc.

    Hope to learn more from veterans like yourselves! :scooter:

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    First, hello and welcome to MBc.

    That's some intro and I must say I'm intrigued. Your trip sounds incredibly fascinating, a once in a lifetime event. Just as a background query, are you from China?
    Ask any questions if you need to, I'm sure many will offer all the help they can though it seems you are doing a good job preparing yourself. You absolutely must keep us informed about your progress if you could. I have the feeling your travels will make quite a book.
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    Wow - that sounds very cool. I would very much love to visit Lijiang.

    The person who may be of assistance is: Alaskavan
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    i think your engine choice is a very good one. golden eagle bike engines claim the get up to 250mpg with their system. i recomend it. look at their page and read reviews. a chinese man posted his story and pics from china. enjoy a safe trip.
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    you should be having a great adventure coming your way
    hope that you will be able to share with us
    have fun be safe -- from - Mountainman

    PS -- those Robins are great little engines -- good start
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    hey WENSIAW ,

    hope it all works out for you.

    chinese people and opinions/stories, are way under-represented here,
    considering the no. of opinions surrounding HT production...
    So, it will make interesting reading to hear of your adventures.

    PS the story about the dogs was both cute and interesting.
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