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    Greetings from the UK! My name is Matthew. I have only very recently become interested in motorised bicycles - my first build was a cheap and cheerful eBay chain drive kit. As you can imagine, the quality isn't amazing but it can pull my 230lbs up some pretty steep hills.

    I have just placed an order for a Staton friction drive kit. It looks a lot prettier in my opinion, and of higher quality. I also like the idea of using a trusted engine (Honda) with the built-in fuel tank and a centrifugal clutch, although I'm aware it may be a good 10mph slower than the chain drive.

    Unfortunately the regulations here are draconian and these wonderful machines are strictly for off road use. :devilish:

    Hopefully it will arrive fairly soon and I can commence building it, and post up some photos/videos.

    Thanks, Matthew.

  2. jaguar

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    If you are going to use it off-road then wouldn't you want the most powerful setup?
    Friction drive off-road? picture the drive slipping with mud on the tires.
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    I should explain, by off-road I mean not on the public highway. (ie. privately owned).