Greetings from Wisconsin!

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    Hello, all my friends! My name is Rob, and I live in La Crosse, WI. I haven't yet built a ride, but plan to as soon as I get my tax returns this year. (translation: I'm broke as all get up, go fuel economy!!!) But seriously, I'm ordering a 49cc 4 stroke chinese Honda clone, complete with the centrifugal-style Grubee 4g t-belt gearbox. I'm thinking 40-tooth final sprocket, as I have little use for power-gearing, at 130 whopping pounds. Maybe a 36 later. As for the bike, I'm not yet sure what I plan on using, and I will have to see what I can fit this kit into. But, hey, I got a lot of bike frames and parts at my house. I mean, like, a whole freakin LOT of stuff. My friends think I'm crazy. Maybe I am. Is it normal to argue with oneself? Anyway, this will be one more item to add to my collection of wheeled things fast enough to do something stupid with. If I have good enough results with my build, as I expect to with my level of mechanical knowledge, this may easily become a hobby or even a source of income for me. It'd sure be nice to make some money, I can tell you that.

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    Greetings from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the forum Rob. There's a lot of information and help given freely here. Everyone I've met has been very nice and extremely helpful. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I have. Woody
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    Welcome to this place!
    I spent 1/2 my childhood in Montfort, not too far from you.
    I am sure you will like it here. The natives are friendly (mostly), and the knowledge here is incredible. When you do build your bike up, please post build pics if you can.
    Wel like pictures!