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  1. Tumbledove

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    I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone who is a member of this forum. After noticing a "fellow small town inhabitant" of mine, cruising by several times on his motorized bike, it kindled an interest for me toward this fascinating, fun and fairly inexpensive way of travel. I have yet to catch up with him to ask a few very basic questions, and perhaps snap a couple of quick photos. An older gentleman riding a flat-black cruiser type bike, with flames on the tank. That guy is a real mover!

    I started by purchasing a bicycle for myself this past week, (I may not use it for a platform), after not owning one for over 15 years. So far I have logged around 100 miles, according to my odometer, and I am very much enjoying my two-wheeled adventures again. Yet, this is a very small town, and there are some good country roads between here and the next one. Long roads. I would like to be able to venture out a bit farther to enhance my cycling escapades. I have owned several motorcycles in the past, but this mode could blend that with true cycling, and merge the experience into a more personal level.

    That is why I am here. To learn about the best way to proceed with my first build and gather some good info from those who have already done it. Some more than once. Thanks for all of the good and sound advice that can be found here. Hello again to everyone!

  2. professor

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    Hi Tumble, welcome to Motoredbikes!
  3. Alaskavan

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    Hi Tumble, welcome to MBc. If you want an assist that works well (reliable), check out Golden Eagle.
  4. Tumbledove

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    Thanks professor and Alaskavan for the welcome. I checked out the Golden Eagle website and find their four-stroke option very interesting. I am impressed by the gas-n-go convenience and potential dependability. I did see their two-stroke offering also. It may be a bit pricey for me at this present time. (i.e. , I can't afford it!)

    However for my first build I may go down the somewhat unreliable, unsure and very buzzy two-stroke China-Rat path. It will be cheaper for me to get my feet wet before I actually get soaked. I also like the modding capability that is available for those "power-plants". I am probably going to pick up an older, but solid, second hand ten speed, a cheap motor, and go from there.

    I am almost sure that after I have busted a few mechanical items and skinned all of my knuckles, the four stroke option will undoubtedly look better and better to me. I really hope things work out though, because the parts for those imported engines seem to be very affordable to me. (i.e. , I don't have a job). I will just have to play it by ear I suppose.

    BTW, I just did miss the guy on his mystery-cycle Again this afternoon. This time he was carrying something in one of those plastic grocery bags on the handlebar. I will try to post a snapshot when I get the chance. Just my style. "Makin' Lemonade" with a smile. Cheers!
  5. Alaskavan

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    I do worry that An HT will end up souring you on the motoredbike concept, but I wish you well.
  6. cargo-master

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    Hi Tumble, I too am a relative Noob to mbc. I've both HT & GEBE powered bikes. I back Alaskavan's advice 100%. What's the old saying "pay a little now or pay a lot later". HT motors can be finnicky. The GEBE is simple to add-on & dependable reliability. Also, for your continued good health, read through the threads into safety related items such as heavier guage spokes, metal fender fatigue, braking, & more. That's my 2 pennies worth for you. Welcome & have fun.
  7. Tumbledove

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    Thanks cargo-master. I surely respect Alaskavan's good advice concerning the GEBE. I have been researching that option for another bike in the hopefully, ...(?), not too distant future. For now however, I just may be able to scrape up enough loose change to fund a lower scale HT-type project. If it doesn't work out so well, then I really can't complain a whole lot over a buck-fifty. Who knows? I might even learn something and have some fun in the process! I have noticed other's frustration going down this path so, I have been cautioned. I am just hoping that "Somebody, Somewhere" has been able to make one of these mini rice burners work. Even with humble expectations. I appreciate you stressing the importance of searching out the threads concerning the safe operation of powered bicycles also. Thank you for the very good admonition, (warning). And that goes for both of you.
  8. cargo-master

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    You're welcome Tumble. What you say in your response to me is correct. Learing can be / is the fun of a build. I apologize if I came across as a possible snobby noob. I would never wish to do that. I was fortunate that my first build was completed w/ assistance from a gentleman known as Augi. Augi educated & set me straight when I had answers. That first build was a Wallyworld Huffy Cranbrook w/ a 66cc engine from Bike Berry. The 2 Bike Berry engine kits were ordered separately have been thus far reliable. Delivery was quick. Augi also opened my eyes to GEBE. Thus I went in that direction. You"ll find, as I have, that answers to your questions, any problems, & much more is right here at your finger tips. Now make me proud! Get out there & have fun. Take care Tumble. c-m
  9. Tumbledove

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    I am leaning toward one of those 66cc kits from Bike Berry for my first build also c-m. Glad to hear that you did ok with your two motors. In reality, I probably expect less than some may demand from entry-level components. My second-hand budget riding mower is over 15 years old, so I don't mind working on something a bit. If only I can get it assembled, tweaked and tuned.
    Perchance I may drop 47 cents off with Goober, and head towards Mt. Pilot on a clear summer evening. Heck, if she breaks down three-quarters of the climb up, I will just peddle the rest of the way to the peak whistling dixie. Tarry there for a while, and gaze out in meditation toward the heavens. Saddle up once more, coast back down to Mayberry, and work on it again on the morrow after I am refreshed. I see the kits are backordered now, so this should stir me to do some much needed research. Good advice is priceless, and thanks for your encouragement. :)