Grubee SkyHawk GT-5SR SUPER RAT all gone??

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    Hi Gang,
    I'm new here and to the Hobie I built my first bike (Schwinn Riverside with a Grubee SkyHawk GT 5A) about 3 months ago and thanks to this site had no problems, the bike is now in storage for the winter. My question is I'm going to start a 2nd bike and after doing a L-O-T of research I came to the conclusion that the "Grubee SkyHawk GT-5SR SUPER RAT" would be the way to go. Better & bigger bearings, oil seals beter CDI steel sleeved cyl wall ECT. I called 3 or 4 vender's and they were out of stock and are not sure they will be able to get them (BUMMER). So does any one have a favorite Chinese 2 stroke they swear by? Mega Motors? Flying Horse Motors? Jet Motors? Or one that comes close to the "Rat" as far as better parts? Thanks in advance!

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    From what I read, the Super Rat was problematic. Anybody else want to chime in on the Super Rat who actually owned one?

    I can't say what is a good engine to buy today. The last time I bought an engine was about 3-3 1/2 years ago and one was a Dax and another was a cheap BGF and both are running strong today with a couple of hundred of hours apiece on each of them. If I need to buy another HT, it'll probably be a Dax. Duane is local to my area, has superior customer service, and I'm very happy with my Dax. It took an entire summer's worth of riding to break the engine in to develop max power and has been running great. I usually re-ring my rides each winter but haven't done so yet on either engine. I won't repeat with a BGF, the quality appears to be hit or miss and his customer support is non-existent and he seems to sell whatever is available.