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    I have a Grubee Starfire 50cc complete kit, unused for sale. I bought this kit in April 2009. I ended up building a friction drive kit. Kit comes with optional pull start which is installed. It also comes with the centrifugal clutch option that is not installed. I did start the cent. clutch installation, but backed out. I did file down the three studs that protrude through the fly wheel as instructed, to find out later that was unnecessary. Other than that mod, everything else is original. Fuel tank and chain guard have been painted white. They were sand blasted, primed and sprayed and look pretty darn good if I have to say so myself. I did dry fit the engine on a frame, but it has never had the carburetor attached to it nor ever had fuel in it. The clutch side cover is not bolted on at the moment. Still off from when I started to install the centrifugal clutch. Just a matter of putting the screws back into it. I’ll do that if a buyer requests it, or leave it off if they think they want to install the cent. clutch option. All original hardware is present. Nothing is screwed up to the best of my knowledge. Inventory for one price includes……..engine, pull start and centrifugal clutch options, wide crank assembly, several extra gaskets and one extra piston ring. No photos to post, will upon request. I’m asking $200.00 for everything. Ask if you want to know more. Am willing to ship as well. This stuff is in a box and I haven’t tinkered with it in probably a year or so. So as I said, ask you have any questions. I'm located in the Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson area of South Carolina.
    THANKS !
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