Happy-Time Magneto Installation Video


an update to my bikes saga. I have been sent a replacement
magneto. I measured it and its 330 ohms.

events conspired against me to install it yesterday.
today (thursday 28th) is the planned day of install.

All going well, my bike will be back on the road.

I'll post what happens for Closure...

after thursday install

I now have spark.
I even managed to zap myself with a spark test,
that was a buzz.
and a can of ether (25%) and it still won't start.

so I may have either:
1. weak spark (re-gap plug).
2. fuel issue, blocked carbie, as I have no fuel filter.
(rinse all fuel areas in metho)
3. leaking carbie.
(I have to replace a home-made inlet gasket,
with one I bought).
4. The X factor...

X stands for things I don't know or understand.

If you've read this far, then thanks for listening
to the croaks of an old biker.


I posted a similar problem the other night when my new-build would not start.
I had started the engine 2 weeks prior while on the bike stand by spinning the rear wheel by hand. It started first go.
Then I took a break from that project and resumed work on the build the other night.
When I replaced the tank, it still had the same fuel from 2 weeks prior and it would not start. I checked for spark, OK and I checked the fuel bowl and that was OK to.

The next day I emptied the tank, and replaced with fresh fuel mix and it went and still going.
I had to play with the choke a bit, full choke, it fired up and had to warm up before I could ride it with the choke off.

Good luck
you might have had some boogers (most tanks come with this from sitting around) before 1st filling, always rinse out with a bit of gas, and dump out. thats probablly what happended to ya bolts, and when you checked the float bowl, the boogers came out. happened to me when i syphened my own gas to get my other bike to the gas station.

Thanks BoltsMissing and Eltatertoto for words of support.

I have been around my bike fixing issues and am
back at the start...I'll be doing the metho rinse come Monday.

I only have about 3 hours a week to work on it.

So the Tank Boogers (love that term), could certainly have snotted up
the works.

I'm definitely going to make a ride vid when this bike does work !!!! & !

i am in heaven, motor fires into life...

No, I haven't died.

I followed my own advice in the last post and replaced
my inlet gasket. wollah! the penny drops and my motor fires into life.

I think my motor arrived with no inlet gasket.

I'll never know as I have the memory of a gold-fish,
if it didn't happen last week, then unless its in an email/photo or written down,
then it didn't happen... ;-)

So I'm now up and running,
up and running better than this motor ever has...
which makes me think I never had an inlet gasket.

one lesson on direct wiring the blue to blue and black to black
motor to CDI...

don't and I repeat, don't

hold the metal clutch and pull the spark-plug,
you become the earth. :devilish:

may seem obvious when you write it down,
but with the motor running and the last thing you did
was pull the clutch. and hold it, for safety sake. :eek:

turns out less then safe.

anyhow, can some admin close this post so I carnt write anymore in it.


fuel filter kills it

I got the bike running, and then added in a fuel filter
and it wouldn't run.
see attached JPG, its a hybrid setup
note the small green cable ties which work well
for stopping leaks.

so i revert back to the standard fuel line, (with green cable ties)
its runs and I ride the bike for like 90 mins no probs.
with lotsa power.
next day, and it won't start.

so I'm back to square one...



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Not sure, but if my memory serves me correctly, that filter might be on the wrong way round.
There should be a flow arrow indicating direction flow of fuel.

Secondly, and 50% sure on this, it's a car filter that uses a fuel pump.
The HT is gravity feed, so you may have fuel flow restriction.
Before you do anything though, remove the existing filter, see if the engine still runs just to be sure and then I'd try a filter from a go-cart shop, cos I know they don't use fuel pumps.
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u know if it aint 1 thing its another! sems like 1 thing starts to work 2 others break! but (knocks on wood) after gettin some true miles my bikes seem to be getting consistant. just stay positive (as you always type) and i think ur best bet would to see a small engine shop like bolts stated. oh and yes i like that term also! lol