Happy-Time Magneto Installation Video

oh, try priming the engine and seeing how easily it primes. that should give ya an idea.
you're right, it was one from an auto-shop, which would explain why it killed it.
it was the only one they had however. I tried one from a Lawn-mower shop
and that did the same thing.

I'll stay positive and keep thinking/reading.

also ! I have a can of ether... and I do prime it... :)

no i mean does it look like the fuel is going easily? if it is it might not be the filter. but i dunno.
Dry Spark-plug.

here's update 600 for my starting attempts.

I had the bike runnning last week after doing:

0. a fuel replacement.
1. cleaned the in-tank fuel filter with Petrol then Metho.
2. Cleaned the carbie with Petrol then Metho.

Then used a can of ether spray for a coupla squirts, and it wouldn't start.
then next day tried it and it started. Go figure.
Ran really well for about a 20km ride. Then no more starts.

Previously when I was doing a plug test, I would always have a wet plug.
Now I am seeing a dry plug.

To me this says I'm not getting fuel to the cylinder.
I have no inline filter yet, as I have not been able to source one yet.
Tried a mower shop and they had sold out.

A. Last night I added a strip of beer can to the inlet port.
As described in other posts.
IE the carbie to inlet port junction.
I also used ether and no start.

B. I did the float bowl off test, and fuel went everywhere.
I noted that, when I turned on petcock valve, fuel poured everywhere.

c. I moved the E-Clip to position 3. as it ran better there once before.

I think I will try Clean the carbie with Petrol then Metho, again tonight.

Seems like I am between a rock and hard place, til I get a fuel filter.

Anyone have any ideas/tests to try ?

I just remembered something. Yesterday when I was riding with the modified tank that was leaking but it's all fixed now my bike just suddenly stopped. I pushed that tickler and then after a while gas poured out then it started right up and no more problems.
But then I looked at my fuel line and noticed the way I had my tank it's a short distance fron tank to carburator I have new fuel line from there and a new filter my fuel line was a little too long enough to tilt my fuel filter enough to actually cut off some fuel which caused my bike to suddenly stop that day. Since then I trimmed the line so my fuel filter is a bit more vertical. I can't get it all the way vertical for I simply have no room.
These Happy Time engines are pretty simple. For you to have to use ether to start this thing and you mentioned in PM about that dry spark plug,I would look not only for a clog but check to see if the filter is actually flowing....CHECK THE POSITION OF THE FILTER! It may very well be upside down. These filters only flow one way.
Good Luck!

(edit) OOPS. You don't have a filter yet.
Here's a test you can try based on one of my recent "won't starts".
In my case it ended up being the HT spark plug lead cap.
I removed the cap entirely and pushed the lead in the tip of the spark plug, the boot over the plug, this got me home.
I now have a NGK right angle plug cap and all works fine at that point.
It seems your's starts and looks ok on test, but when riding the engine's vibe. may cause a subtle disconnect at the lead/plug end.

Try removing the spark plug cap, push the lead into the spark plug and push the rubber boot over the ceramic part of the plug and give that a try with the throttle wide open and peddle vigilantly, don't give up.
If it fires once or coughs and splutters, keep going cos chances are it might be flooded.
Replace the plug cap with a NGK type after it starts, this is so you know it IS getting power to the plug without any doubt of lead or cap problems.
Hey Bolts,

I have spark, as when I take the plug out,
and do the test, I get a nice blue/purple light in the plug.

One thing I have not described, is when I actually try and start the bike, it's
not making any cough noise like it used to. Maybe its broken in...
Just a quite purr, with smaller resistance than I remember.

After doing plug test.
With plug out, I can hear the piston move, and see vapour come out of the plug hole, that noise I am almost in love with, as its the only time I "hear"
my engine.

I'm having trouble getting any parts in my area.
MotorBike shops don't have it, nor do mower shops.

i feel your pain will. My bike seems to hate me. It will not start much anymore. It only been a week and now it doesnt want to start. I think we are having similar problems. So when i figure it out, ill let you know!

check your spark plug gap.. dont over throttle at start up, i think that floods the engine.

good luck ;)
keep sending luck.

hey Nik,

Its described as a hate/hate relationship... :cool:

I had my bike running for about 6 weeks before it died, enough to get a nice taste for riding.
(they say it takes a month to form or break a habit).
After I clean carby tonight, I'm going to ride it down to the beach.
which is about 2km away >>> so at least I get some benefit from the effort.

Recently I've been doing a 40 metre lap from my "garage", with each time I change something. The last time it ran it fired up within 10 metres, which blew me away.

I need all your luck, keep sending it :cool: