Harbor Freight and cheap chinese 2x engines off of generators, yard tools etc

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  1. happycheapskate

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    Which engines work on motor bicycles?

    Example, the well known 52cc Harbor Freight engine that comes on a post-hole auger. It is used on Dax and Staton friction drive kits and supposed to be pretty strong and fast RPM.

    There are some 2 cycle tillers that probably have motors which can work on these friction drive kits or ones that take similar motors (same type clutch system which turns a clutch drum/bell on the bike kit)

    Some others I want to know about:

    Harbor Freight "Chicago" 800watt generator with 2hp 2 cycle engine

    Harbor Freight "central pneumatic" 2hp compressor 2 cycle engine

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  2. professor

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    The generator engine has a taper shaft output, the engine is also very heavy.
  3. happycheapskate

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    Thanks, professor! I'll scratch that one off my list. I have heard the generator is very reliable though, and only $99. I'll buy one for that and leave it alone.