Hard to find riding buddy in Austin, Texas

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by cpuaid, Dec 6, 2010.

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    Well I have been away a very long time from the forums, birth of a new baby, change of residence, and a pretty bad bike accident has forced me to be on hiatus from my beloved motorized bikes. Currently my collection has grown to 6 motorized bikes, 1 Goped, 2 Tanaka Bladez powerboards, and a sitdown scooter called a "Deckrider". My old riding club has disbanded and I'm having a heck of a time finding people interested in riding around with me. Posted an ad on Craigslist and got a few emails but no one actually turned up. Just completed a 60 mile round trip ride all by myself with no issues. My usually reliable Zenoah 25cc Gebe finally bit it but thankfully I had bought a string trimmer with another GZ25N as a backup last year and swapped it out. Took advantage of Staton's Cyber Monday sale and picked up a new friction drive kit (1-1/2 roller) with a Tanaka PF-4000 and it's sooo sweet. Almost time to retire my First gen. Staton kit with the Mitsubishi TLE-43.
    So if any members are in the Austin, Texas area and wanna do some serious riding... by all means hit me up!

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    I was wondering how you feel about the Tanaka vs the Mitsubishi TLE43? Is there much difference? Which one is a better performer?
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    I think the Mitsubishi TLE-43 has a little bit more top end than the Tanaka but the Tanaka PF-4000 seems to run smoother. They are both very loud but the Mitsubishi is a little bit more quiet than the Tanaka. They both are hard to start, sometimes taking 6 - 10 pulls, priming the bulb, opening and closing the throttle, choke on. The Tanaka seems to have better low end power and torque but the top end kind of levels off. I've had the Mitsubishi for 4 years now and probably over 2,500 miles on it. It's still mechanically sound and I will never part with it because it is so hard to find another. If I really had to choose one over the other I would pick the Mitsubishi if you can find one.
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    Hey i live in south austin riverside and i35 and we could def go on a trip idk about a 60 mile trip lol. maybe if we had some stops but yeh def right now i have a kawasaki bike with a bgf :( motor but it runs like a champ :)
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    yeah i hear u about the riding buddy situation. i live in allentown, Pa and have been messin with mbs for couple of years now. i belong to one of the countrys oldest motorcycle clubs in reading ,pa. lots of motorcycles. but i have not found many ppl riding mbs. lots of people seem interested in them. i have 3 mbs and a tricycle, so i try to ask friends of mine if they want to use one of my mbs and take a cruise. u could try that cpuaid. good luck.
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    yes guys i know what you mean i live in southeast mo and i dont have a sole to ride with im trying to intrest my wife but she is scared of them so i dont presure her i have people ask where to get them all day long and i tell them but like yah thats all it is just talk nobody wants to take a chance and try something new so i ride all by my self
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    I live over in Buda, have a couple of homage "1909" motorized bikes. I take them over to Cabela's on Saturday night when the weather is good at the Buda Gearhead event every Saturday but I would really like to have a semi rural local place to run em and meet other enthusiasts. I have never done any cruising on them, they are still technically not broken in but would cool to bring some of these bikes together, even though our interests are not necessarily the same. I am in them for history. Both are 66 cc skyhawks, one is fairly conventional but still did a lot of frame cutting and welding you can see it on Youtube Kingsbury motorized bike, the other I extended the frame and it looks sort of like an old 1909 Indian, no youtube yet but soon, I want to film it at kingsbury in a rural setting (I want to build a rural winding track for vintage motorcycles and motorized bikes down there, late rexpand it for our model T's. . Next project, which might require selling the first bike to finance, is a 1909 Harley tribute but this time with an 8.5 HP engine to give better low end torque so it can start from a stop. I guess technically it will become a motorcycle.
    A friend west of Austin a bit has built a very nice "cyclone" tribute bike. His brother in Buda is building one also, his is going to be electric I think. Right next to Cabela's is a museum with a restored whizzer. Would be fun getting a bunch of these bikes together.

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    live in Houston but have a family vacation house up by lake travis. Been planning on bringing my 4 stroke bike up there and am building a 2 stroke. Still have one or two more things to do to my 4 stroke before I deem it finished. Anyway will be in Austin about 2 weekends a month this year when I am not traveling for work. Would love to find some riding friends up there. Back when I went to school at UT I used to live on my bike, and well one of the reasons I built this thing was so I could enjoy biking up in Austin. Send me a message and maybe we can schedule a ride. I should be up there the next couple of weekends.
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    I WANNA RIDE IN AUSTIN well i work a'lil bit but I am thinkin bout goon to Lafayette for work offshore u wanna get together and ride lets doi it brother give me a call i will message my # and name
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    if you Austinites want to meet up and have a buddy that wants to ride but doesn't have a motorized bike then we can meet at my place. I have 3 motorized bikes ( a 4th one i need to swap out the motor) and 3 stand up 2 stroke scooters they can ride on. I pretty much have most of the popular small engines except for a Honda, (4) Tanaka's, (2) Mitsubishi, (1) Robin-Subaru, (1) Zenoah, (2) Huashengs, (1) Grubee 66cc, (1) Chinese 66cc. hit me up and i'll get back to you.
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    As usual, my recent riding event had 0 turnout. Saw a guy riding around on a Staton mount going the other way and tried to wave to him but the dude just kept eyes forward and kept on riding. May have to resort to stalking motorized cyclists to find a riding buddy next time!
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    Hey Cpuad!

    I motorized a Wally World Cranebook with a 49CC Grubbee engine. Live right off of Metric which is off of Parmer in N. Austin. Alwways putting up to the Starbux at Metric and Parmer. Maybe a short ride to Walnut Creek park and back? Will try to PM and e-mail you:)-Gearhead