has anyone try use 2 cdi (coil) in line

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  1. i would like to wire two cdi's (coil) i'm going to set them up but i really would
    like to know if they prem better ? thanks :) o i have 66cc nos speed carb two boost bottles go's good i would like to get more house power thanks

  2. happycheapskate

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    If you want to try it, I guess it will be simple enough. I am betting it won't work or won't improve it. The CDI is a system of capacitors, that collect a small amount of power from the magneto, and then fire the next time electricity is generated by the engine cycle.

    Creating the electric current also drags on the engine. If 2 cdis did work and fire the plug, if it does not burn more fuel, the spark is wasted, and the extra drag would rob performance.

    If you try it, it will be interesting to see what happens. I think the worst that would happen is either the bike runs less powerfully, or you wear out spark plugs and magneto faster.
  3. thank you i'll let you know
  4. Dave C

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    I was watching a youtube vid where I think it was Italians had some kind of spark amplifier wired into the system. Don't know nothing else about it. They were talking Italian and I don't speak it soo...

    And, yeah, it was Italians with a Chinese motor, not a Morini or any of the others. It might be a spark amplifier off a dirt bike or something.

    I'll be looking around sometime for the spark box if no one here can clue me in before hand.
  5. happycheapskate

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    It might be a similar but higher capacity part off a dedicated moped or lawnmower engine.

    Has anybody tried the Ez-Start series of plugs by Champion, or similar? The ones touted as "one-pull start" plugs for lawnmowers and small marine engines?

    So far I have just used the stock CDI and Champion Marine Plug L77JC4 with good results. That number should help you look up other plugs that can fit the china kits.
  6. i got no spark i met have wired it wrong i put black to black/blue to blue i met have to wire it in line ? someone with a ideers for more spark
    ( two cdis )