Having Trouble Starting the Sheng 142F Engine

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Mike S, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Mike S

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    OK, so I didn't start my cycle for a year, and now it won't start, won't even pop. Did fix a sticky float and cleaned the spark plug. Still nothing. I need to check for spark and fuel delivery. Any ideas how to check spark and fuel?

  2. Mike S

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    Also I forgot which way turns the choke on. Is it clockwise or counter-clockwise? Nothing in the instructions.
  3. BiMoPed

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    Choke on,Turn lever to the right
    Choke off, Turn lever to the left

    Remove the air cleaner and look?

    Did you drain the fuel when it sat for a year?
    Those carbs block up very easily...

    take the spark plug out and lay it against the head while you are pulling the starter
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  4. Mike S

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    checked spark plug as you suggest, and we're getting good spark, so it has to be fuel starvation. What's the fix for this?
  5. Mike S

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    Got more info from a mechanic who says my fuel jets or holes to the head are clogged, so he recommends buying a fuel cleaner with a nozzle and spray cleaning the entire carb, fuel float valve and pores feeding fuel to the engine, also recommends running with a chemical stabilizer before storage. Guess I should know more about storing engines.
  6. Mike S

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    SUCCESS! Got the HS 142F to start after more than a year in storage. Here's how we did it: Disassemble the carb and spray carb cleaner into the float valve and anywhere else in the carb. Reassemble, then open the choke with the filter off, (clockwise to open) and spray starting fluid into the carb, close the choke 3/4 and pull to start. After two sprays of starting fluid, she finally kick over and started.