Hd axel Model #1/SS disc Brake hub

I am looking for a place to buy the GRUBEE HD axel model#1, i cannot find it anywhere and would really like to get one. The second thing i am looking for is a single speed disc brake hub, i am planning to get a sprocket and tophat adapter from andyinchville and need a good affordable ss disc hub. Thanks-

The Grubee HD hub should be available again soon from BirdDog/bicycle-engines.com they are the sole US importer of Grubee products. Last note I read here is they are expecting a new shipment of products sometime in Sept. For moe specific information call them rather than e-mail as they don't answer e-mail in a timly manner.

For my bike project I purchased a SS cassette Disc Brake hub from Nashbar. When I purchased it a year ago they were on sale for $35.00. They are currently selling for $50.00 but still a pretty good deal. http://www.nashbar.com/profile.cfm?...=&pagename=Shop by Subcat: Freehubs/Rear Hubs

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