HD Rear Hub and Pull start for 2-strokes



Hey all,

found this today after scouring the internets for a vendor that could actually sell individual units, not lots of 200 from Bejing.


Seems like he has the HD rear hubs that allow bolt on sprockets and avoid the spoke breakage for both the 4 and 2 stroke engines.

The other thing that caught my eye was the pull-starter mod he has. Never seen, heard or IMAGINED that before.

Store has good feedback from customers, but i haven't ordered anything from them yet.

2 stroke rear Hub


Pull start



Do some more research and homework!!! These parts can be had from sources alot closer to you than from over seas. Do a search here for those parts and see for yourself. Atleast look at the threads listed at the bottom of this one!!



Well fair enough on the pull start, i only posted it cause i had never heard of it before :). Apparently it's reasonably availiable. But i have tried fairly hard, and searched this site, and i haven't found a north american vendor for the solid rear 2 stroke hub yet. If anyone else has, please link here, i'm very interested in the product. My 80cc has enough torque to snap the bolts used to attach my sprocket to my disk brake hub, and i was using 4$ bolts. I'd love to get a hub designed for the application.


2 cent.I have and use a pull start on one of my bikes.First you have to have a wide crank and second thay are made real cheap.As for your sprocket application i don't know if it would work for you because i don't under stand your sprocket to your disk brake hub,but take a look at clam shell sprocket hub adapter they have at livefastmotors.com an see if it might work for you.
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Demosthenese, I think that this is a HD nonfreewheel hub. PM Birddog with questions. I don't think he will mind.


thanks for the clamshell info, if nothing else it's an alternate solution i wasn't aware of.

I messaged the site all ready, but it seems to me like bicycle-engines is only selling the solid hub, not the solid axle and hub together. I can't see a place to buy the axle seperate, and i thought i saw another post about how they stopped carrying the 2 stroke hub version, but i may be crazy. I'll wait for them to get back to me.

Any other sites everyone? This thing must exist somewhere!


thanks alaskavan, but am i incorrect in assuming that's the 4 stroke freewheel HD hub version?

I discovered while researching this that the difference between the two different kinds of hd rear hub is an extra freewheel on the motor sprocket side. The 4 stroke pull start version has a freewheel on both sides of the hub, so that the motor need not turn while pedaling the bike. The 2 stroke version cannot have this since it would prevent pedal start of the engine, so it has a freewheel on the pedal crank side, and a solidly mounted engine sprocket on the other side.


this is advertised on bicycle-engines as a "44T Sprocket & Solid Hub". Now, it may be that this comes with the hub and sprocket, but since the pic is only of the sprocket i wonder if the "hub" part is that metal piece in the center of the gear.


this is advertised as a "48T Freewheel Axle Kit". It clearly comes with the axle as well as the sprocket, and i think this is what alaskavan has. It is a 4 stroke product due to the freewheel on the motor sprocket side. The freewheel appears to be in the sprocket, not on the wheel hub, so it may be that that hub mounts either of the two kinds of sprockets. But it doesn't look like it, and i don't know why it wouldn't be in the solid hub add picture if it was included. It is actually a totally different product from what i had originally linked which is;


notice the hub has the 6 bolt holes directly drilled into it as well as a sprocket mounting surface which you could prbly fit any sprocket too with simple drilling.


this is certainly a different thing then that which is offered by bicycle engines. don't know yet if b-e even has the 2 stroke version, and i do remember reading somewhere in SOME post that they didn't. Don't know which would be better, and maybe the clamshell alternative would work for me. What do people think about the hubs?

We should find a defining alternative to the spoke attachment.

To clarify my situation, i have been attaching my sprocket directly to the disk brake attachment on my rear wheel. The sprocket can be attached simply with disk brake bolts, which are absurdly strong and cost 2-4$ each. It works very well in that obviously i've never broken a spoke :p. On the other hand, i have destroyed two rims by either shearing off all 6 bolts at once (that happened twice on one rim because i was using standard hardware store bolts, but i re-drilled and re-tapped the holes on it after the first time), or by actually tearing them out of their threaded housing, possibly due to slight looseness (this happened to a 200$ MB rim bought from my local MB store mounted with disk brake bolts, washers and lock tight). Im using a 34 tooth spoke, so i suppose there is a lot of torque going to the bolts, but i'm very careful about slamming the thing into gear. I don't use the idle, so my engine goes off at every light (for stealth in Ottawa, Ontario) and i pedal start it back on while slowly releasing the clutch. I'm never accelerating from a standstill with just the motor in other words, so it really surprised me to see it break the second time when i was using the most expensive rim and bolts available. I figured since they were built to survive extreme stopping conditions the torque of smooth accelaration wouldn't be an issue compared to normal extreme bike conditions, like slamming on the back brakes at 30-40km/h. I'm sure they are AT LEAST rated for that. This makes me think that perhaps, even though i was checking them carefully every day and locktighted them well with washers and vibration reducer thingys, maybe the bolts may have been loose and this may have caused the failure. Either way, i really don't like the spoke attachment, and i don't know if i'll invest another 200$ in a rim if it'll only last 2 months. I need a viable alternative; the snow may be 8 feet deep now, but spring is coming :p.


just got this back from b-e:

We do sell the solid axle hub you will need to buy the hub sprocket
and drum brake to make it work if you'd like you can call in your order
and I will be able to walk you through it if you'd like.

thanks for the prompt reply from them, and i guess even though their site is a bit confusing, they do indeed carry the part.



Thanks for posting that.

I've been having trouble mounting the stock rear sprocket. It is the old 5 bolt jobber. It fit a small freewheel hub well. My current ride has a big coaster hub, which it doesn't fit very well. I can get it close but thats it, lol.

Not being a fan of coaster brakes, I did the free coaster mod. Leaving me with no brake or any place on the bike to mount a rear brake.

Ordered the 44t, solid hub and brake. Two problems one solution, Hopefully.